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Ready steady go


We are off to France in two days time.

We have packed. 

We sat in the sun! (very rare here) yesterday and got the low down on the place where we stay. Some things have changed since last year. We use a friend’s apartment without charge as his “gift” to us. We aren’t the only ones. He SHARES.

He loves sharing his stuff. Isn’t that nice?

The only other person I know who did that all her life was my mother. She loved travel. So she regularly paid for other people to travel. Not just family, but friends and acquaintances too. She did anonymous things as well – like put people through university.

She was an extraordinary person. She was an academic but not wealthy. Sharing gave her immense pleasure.

So we are lucky to have a sharing friend with a beautiful apartment in Provence, are we not?

Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

19 thoughts on “Ready steady go

  1. Bon voyage, god speed and if you do have chance to blog-even if it’s ‘just’ photos with captions then I look forward to it!

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  2. Glad you have packed.
    I would also like some updates if you can manage.

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  3. Have a great time! So glad you have a flat to go to. A base makes the exploring more fun. Enjoy!

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  4. When I went for a three month vacation in Miami at my daughter’s, I packed the night before. Don’t judge me!

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    • Aaaargh – last minute stress! Some people like it, yes?


      • I tend to put a clean pair of knickers in one pocket and a toothbrush in the other these days.

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        • Oh yes. We try to do that too. Very sensible!


        • We former trans-european hitch-hikers call that ‘The Art Of Travel’ . Best friend of any traveller is a full wallet…and these days perhaps a decent smart phone/tablet. A sachet of salt from the Motorway services replaces the toothbrush if one is hardcore…and skint.

          A few years back a good friend gave me some advice: Save up all you old clothes during the year and then take them with you on holiday. Wear and then chuck. Saves on washing, and means your suitcase is nicely empty for all the duty free tobacco at the end of your trip.

          That sounded like some really good advice so I did. Last time, or was it the time before last (I’m old) we drove back home to Germany, I took all my old clothes (a bit difficult cos I’m not much into clothes and only wear cast offs/ Army surplus/2nd hand mostly anyways except for underwear). Wore them then took them out to the bin to chuck.

          And that was when I remembered that bins in Germany are really really small and it is probably a criminal offence to throw old dirty clothes into them. Ended up having to wash them after all, dry them and then throw them into the ‘Old Clothes’ containers that the Red Cross or other charities put up (like the ‘bottle banks’ here) on just about every street corner over there.


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          • Good ideas! My clothes are so old, most should just go in the rubbish! I wear my stuff till it dies.

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            • “I wear my stuff till it dies”

              Yep, that’s me. And when they do die I -if I’m feeling particularly parsimonious- I repair them or rather these days get someone with a sewing machine to do it for me. I can only ‘do’ one sort of stitch, somewhere between a ‘blanket stitch ‘ and field surgery! Doesn’t look pretty but it holds. Our local professional seamstress was actually rather impressed.
              Infact just before my trip to the Semois last year that friend with the sewing machine cannibalized an old red shirt of mine to use as patches for the my jeans.

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              • You should see my patches. Blanket Stitched. I cut them off when jeans die, and them use them again.
                I learned this trick many years ago when sewing badges on my Naval Uniform.

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                • sewing badges on my Naval Uniform.
                  Aged Mother was of the opinion that if her sons should fail to marry well, or not become ‘professionals’ and thus be unable to afford at least a cleaner/maid, we should at least be able to run a home. So by the age of 11 or so I was one of the few boys in my class who could not only cook, bake bread, clean house, shop on a shoe string (Mother herself having married below herself) and perform most household duties as well as any of the girls in my class (mind you this was in a Norfolk village school so some of the girls were already well versed in “wifely duties” and looking after their brothers, Dads, uncles…and yes I did mean what you think I meant).
                  Mother tried her best to teach us to sew and knit (she is a rabid knitter herself still) but I’m afraid I could never get the hang of them. Nor did Sewing lessons later at Secondary Modern School help…although it did teach me to use an old style Singer.
                  However Sea Scouts did manage to teach me to blanket stitch badges onto a uniform and when bordering a camp fore blanket!

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                  • See. It works. However, in case of any misunderstanding, you first blanket stitch the badge or patch, and then you hook through the top of the blanket stitch onto the uniform. Very easy to cut of, and then ready to use again.

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                • Very industrious! I’m afraid laziness causes me to just toss them out.


              • VERY fashionable Blocked. 😀


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