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I did the test! I’m ok – how about you?


I fear Alzheimer’s more than ANYTHING.

It seems to me, that losing your mind is the very worst thing that can happen. Not only is it ghastly to anticipate in yourself, but terrible to know that your family will have to deal with you as you sink further and further into forgetting.

This Furlong’s sister looks after an old dementia lady every Wednesday to give respite for her poor exhausted husband. Three weeks ago the old lady stuffed her mouth with the little tokens from a board game on my sisters mantlepiece. Two weeks ago, she gnawed the button off her knitted jumper and tried to swallow it. Last week, my sister had to attempt to remove a pompom from her clenched jaws. Other than eating stuff, she simply sits, silent, uncomprehending.

In town the other day my sister said “Look! There’s my old lady!”. I expected to see a wizened, doddery little old lady staggering along.

But no!

I saw a beautifully groomed (hair done, nails done, smartly clothed) woman, STRIDING youthfully, down the street. I was surprised!

She’s eight five my sister tells me. And looking good. A shell without an inhabitant.

God help us.

I took this test –

This Simple Test Could Reveal Your Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease In Later Life

I’m ok. How about you?


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

3 thoughts on “I did the test! I’m ok – how about you?

  1. I’m ok. How about you?

    Worryingly not so OK 😦
    However I am consoling myself with the thought that there is absolutely no Alzheimers in my blood lines and I smoke enough a day to have a protective effect (if the cancer doesn’t carry me off long before my brain dissolves). Also I’m pretty sure my inability to recognise the shapes is due to my usual problem of ‘not getting the trick’, in other words i could now go on to correctly answer a hundred such questions. Same with IQ tests, once I ‘get’ what the questioner is actually asking for I score very high, until then however you can chalk me up under ‘Norfolk’.

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  2. Highly unlikely that you will succumb to Altzies. But just visualise yourself in light of spirit protecting you and guiding you in all things. You don’t need to draw anything towards you out of fear. Just turn it around, please!

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