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Smokers in China are SO different


Thirty percent of the population of China smoke – that is 416049225 people approximately.

This year one million of them are expected to die from smoking related illnesses say the Tobacco Control spokespeople.

That is 0.24% of the population of smokers.

That is 0.072% of all the deaths in China out of a population of billions will be  smoking related deaths.

We are told here in the UK that HALF of all smokers will die of smoking related illnesses. WHO link

That is 50% of the smoking population. 50% equals HALF, yes? I repeat “HALF of all smokers will die of smoking related illnesses” is the mantra we hear.

Yet in China, it is only 0.24%. I repeat 0.24% of smokers die from smoking related illnesses, if you do the math.

416049225 (approximately) people smoke in China.

This year one million of those will die of smoking related deaths according to Tobacco Control. That equals 0.24% – not 50%

Are we to assume that the Chinese are smoking better tobacco than we do?


that all the Anti Smoking statistics that are hurled at smokers are just a load of bolony that they suck out of their thumbs?

Link that spurred my anger today – Article in the Guardian this morning. 

A World Health Organisation treaty in 2005 ratified by 180 countries recommends measures including smoking bans in public places, high taxes in cigarettes and curbs on advertising and marketing.

But I could NOT open the actual study in the Lancet.

Quote from Dr Kelly Henning – “I think the study highlights the fact that the work is not finished on tobacco.”

Well – of course not! Tobacco control is SUCH a profitable industry for everyone in it, they’d not want it to stop.

But perhaps in the case of China they should leave China alone – the cigarettes must be so much safer than ours, don’t you think?


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

2 thoughts on “Smokers in China are SO different

  1. Unfortunately Mrs Furlong your maths on the statistics is wrong. So in steps:
    The WHO figure has two important aspects; “Tobacco kills up to half of its users.” That means (a) when they die the cause will be smoking related and (b) up to half means it might be 20% or 40% or 50% – just the highest rate is 50% – that will depend on the country and usage.
    So to China
    Yes 30% of the population IS approximately 416 million.
    BUT the first question is how many of those 416 million will die of any cause in a year – certainly not all 416 million. Well according to this link ( the average crude rate is 7.7 deaths per thousand per year. So in a year approximately 3.2 million of that 416 million will die of ANY cause. Of those deaths 1 million will be smoking related. That relates to a smoking related death rate of around 31%. That is clearly in the bounds of “up to half”. The WHO statement, whilst alarmist in one respect in quoting the highest figure, is not incorrect.


    • I see the “up to” on the WHO website, but I’ve not seen or heard much of the “up to” reported anywhere. “Half of all smokers die from smoking related causes” IS the mantra.

      “That (crude rate) relates to a smoking related death rate of around 31%.” Explain your reasoning here please. 1 million smoking related deaths of 416 million smokers is not 31%. We are not talking about other causes of death in smokers. The number 1 million has been quoted many times, for many years by Tobacco Control concerning China. Interestingly, the tobacco smoked IS different to ours – cigarettes are manufactured by the Government, and hasn’t been manipulated as it has been in the West. It is straight stuff. Also, there has been no nocebos or brainwashing about the noxious aspects of smoking in China by the State. There is a difference in China. Adding a crude death rate from all causes is twisting the stats in my opinion. Tobacco Control don’t do that. There is no such thing in Tobacco Control stats that I have found. In the UK, if you EVER smoked, your death will be noted as the death of a smoker. It’s bad science, not to mention the immorality of it.


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