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Vaccines and anaesthetics for teeth abscesses

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This Furlong has had a little detour from posting caused by an excruciating recurrence of the tooth abscess. But now the tooth is out – removed by the best dentist at our dental practice – the boss! I usually complain about the dentists I get (pot luck usually) but this time I got lucky. 

Did you know that anaesthetics injected into infected tissue, do not take well because infected cells are highly acidic and the chemistry doesn’t work? So that’s why, with abscesses, you have to get the infection down first.  Despite my abscess, she took the tooth out – just roots actually – by upping the dose of anaesthetic. It was bearable.

I’m so relieved!

So this morning I watched a video from a YouTube channel I follow. These old Furlongs, living here in our house, are anti vaccinations and we refuse the flu vaccination every year it is offered us. There is something we don’t know about vaccinations – too many anecdotes about nasty outcomes, and too little science to prove they are good things. All our children here in the UK had to pay to have seperate measles, mumps and rubella shots for their children because the Autism connection has NOT gone away. In fact it grows.

So I watched this video. I thought I’d share. All the links you want, if you want to research it, are under the video on YouTube, and on his Anti-Vaccine site. Enjoy!


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