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Snooping in the classroom

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Technology is amazing.

I wish I had had a body camera when I met the rude woman with her unrecalled guide dog on my dog walk. I wish I had on record what she said and what I said in our altercation. She was ruder than I was, I’m sure. A body camera on me might have affected her to be less abusive.

But then maybe not.

Our UK police use body cameras. But abuse has evidently not gone down – but up!

But last year the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge released a study showing that allowing officers discretion over when to switch the cameras off and on actually increased the amount of violence they faced by 15%. Link

There is something really wrong with the education system here in the UK. The teachers are overworked, overregulated and abused by the kids in their classes. I have qualifications to teach here – but I never did. The whole ethos in schools was too scary. Teaching must be one os the worst jobs ever here in the UK. But now, teachers might end up wearing body cameras to protect themselves from abuse.

The latest triumph in the UK for a rolling camera is this –

Driver who screamed abuse at Jeremy Vine convicted

Video on web page

The Crimewatch and Radio 2 presenter posted video online of a “scary” confrontation with Pearson that took place in Kensington, west London, as he was cycling home.

The video, which was viewed more than 15m times on Facebook, was captured on Vine’s bike-mounted cameras.

It was shown to the magistrates court during the hearing last month. Vine, appearing as a witness, told the court he had been scared Pearson would assault him.

District judge Timothy King said he found Vine to be “a credible, truthful and believable witness”.

In the video, which was shown in court last month, Vine stops his bike after Pearson, who is driving behind him, revved her engine and beeped her horn. She shouts at him, and while Vine explains the Highway Code and said he needed to be riding in the centre of the road she gets out of the car and moves towards him, saying: “This is what gets cyclists killed, why the fuck would you stop in front of my car. You don’t respect your life?”

She tries to move Vine and his bike, grabbing the handlebars and using her feet to get him out of the way. She can be heard adding: “I could’ve hit you and been done for murder.”

There is a further confrontation moments later when Vine attempts to photograph her car and she again gets out of her car, saying: “Take a picture of my car again and I’ll knock you out.”

So, what happens when a teacher “proves” abuse from a student by filming it? Nothing much more than what happens now. What happens now?

The kids just get away with it.

It’s  a discipline free education system here – it’s called progressive education.


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