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1st aid for a tooth abscess

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I have a tooth abscess. I have a tooth abscess under a stump tooth at the back of my mouth that the dentist cannot drain (for some reason).

Its been hell,

The pain tip-toed in at the beginning of this week – it’s Saturday today. And it got stronger and stronger untill it was stomping all round my jaw, cheek, face and neck.

I have antibiotics. I’ve just finished my first day of antibiotics. I’m pinning all my hopes on them.

But Ive tried nearly all of the tooth pain solutions gleaned from the internet.

I tested them on myself.

This is what works for me – but the relief is only temporary of course.

ICE – ice slivers on the tooth and holding a cold glass against my jaw and cheek.

Oil of cloves direct on the tooth, applied with an ear bud.

Strong bi-carb swooshed over the tooth.

A fragment of pain-killer pressed into the tooth.

Pain killers. Pain killers. Pain killers.


Do not bend over and do lower than eyesight house work.

Do not try hot water bottles anywhere near the face.

Do not eat crunchy foods. In fact do not eat!

Sleep sitting up.

Do not chew on a lemon, garlic, garlic and oil, pull with coconut oil, swill with nettle tea, herbal tea, or try anything that says – (Note: you will experience more pain in the first few washes before experiencing relief.)

Many suggestions might be good for oral hygiene – but they truly do bugger all for PAIN.

What you want is immediate relief from the pain!

Like unconsciousness.

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Author: Liz

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