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Be considerate to your poor subjects, please

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I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but I found a way to stop bad temper and impatience in my computer students. It works like a charm. And they’ll remember.

You see, you do not realise that your computer/mobile phone/tablet is a MEGACITY of little electrons and photons all rushing around, trying to serve you as best they can!

They are your subjects. Sometimes they get stuck in the passages, or forget to get out of bed on time. Should they become completely confused (often because you are a “mad mouse clicker/gamer/computer insensitive”), simply close your megacity down. Your subjects will go back to bed, in  their own homes. Wait a moment, and they’ll all scramble to the right place, in their efforts to serve you, their master, when you turn your device back on again.

Be a wise ruler, considerate to your poor tiny subjects. Happy computers behave better.

Don’t believe me?

Here is scientific proof of what goes on in your working hard drive.

Sort of.



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