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The secret of our dog’s yoof and hyperallergic children

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The Furlong dog Bobby, if you remember by following this blog, nearly died from “Bloat”. That Bloat Night.

Since then, he’s been on special pre and probiotics and low carbohydrate food.

He’s getting younger, I swear!

I have put it down to the probiotics. But the Furlong daughter with all the knowledge about this stuff, digestion, allergies, immune systems in humans and all that, says –

Probiotics is just part of it. (Digestion)

I think of it like a garden:

You need bone broth to fertilise the earth (repair gut lining)

Stop eating crap (reduce pollution)

Stop feeding the weeds (cut sugar)

Eat probiotics (sprinkle seeds)

If you are just sprinkling seeds onto compacted/poisoned/ weed infested earth it’s going to have very limited effect.

So, I think it might also be the food Bobby is eating.

The Furlong daughter that “knows” is the one with the little girl who had a dreadful start in life. She is much better, only because of the tremendous effort on the part of her Mum to “keep the bucket empty“. (and) Excema Free (You will see my posts regarding that by clicking the links above.)

The Furlong mummy has been devoted in her mission to fertilise the earth (repair her child’s gut lining), stop her eating crap (reduce pollution), stop feeding her food for the weeds (cut sugar), and has given her probiotics (sprinkled seeds) in the garden of her digestion.

Recently she met other parents who have been successful too in dealing with an allergic child in exactly the same way. It works.

It’s NOT an easy way, but it’s better than riding in the back of an ambulance next to a stressed child on the way to Accident and Emergency.

Parents with these kinds of hyperallergic children, have a really difficult time.

Whether you are on mainstream “solutions” or trying to keep “the bucket empty”, I salute you all!

Please accept a medal for Courage from ME.



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