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A bird in the ear is better than one in the mouth


This Furlong has been overwhelmed by physical annoyances which happens as you get older. So she has missed a few days blogging.

I told you about the bird in the hand being better than one in the ear  and that I thought I had wax in my ear.

Well I had. Things got really weird.

Mr Furlong bought me wax softening ear drops – a different make to the one I knew . DON’T USE THEM! From the instant I put them in, I was profoundly uncomfortable. I couldn’t hear a thing.

My head felt has if it had inflated 100%.

And that was how it stayed until I could get to the doctor for an ear syringe.

It was debilitating in every way. And nothing improved, even when I reverted back to the old ear drops I have used before. I had to wait ten days in this pitiful condition before the doctor’s rooms would syringe my ears.

On the day of my appointment for the ear syringe, I had a very aggresive NHS nurse who asked me, as I arrived, what I had come to see her for. And when I said that I’d come for an ear syringe she informed me she couldn’t do it unless I had wax in my ears. And so we went on a while like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Too long to recount here – posts need to be short, but absolutely ridiculous in every way.

She eventually syringed my ears. I could hear!


Three days later, I awoke to my new wonderful cleared ears, with no birds chirping, no crickets, no cotton wool, to find my left ear, itching, screaming with a dawn chorus, and terribly painful. Infected by the Mad Hatter! I diagnosed myself and started to sort myself out, avoiding ear drops and nurses.

But, in the midst of horrid discomfort, something started flapping about on a back left molar. It’s the back left molar that dentists tell me I must have removed (if it ever troubles me) under general anaesthetic. Flip flap, crunch, flap flip, stab, pain, shriek.

The crown had snapped off the root. But tug as I might, I could not yank it out.

So, dawn chorus in my head, and pain, and a great bird of prey crouched in my mouth waiting to slash my gum, even whilst speaking, has not been conducive to blogging.

Or sleeping.

But I’m now sorted.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to sleep on a painful ear.

And then I’ll tell you about The Mad Hatter.

But today, I just wanted to say a bird in the ear is better than one in the mouth – but not as good as a bird in the hand, which is better than one in the ear – and both are definitely worse than birds in bushes, where all birds really OUGHT to be.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

2 thoughts on “A bird in the ear is better than one in the mouth

  1. I am pained (which, in context, certainly seems to be the right word!) to hear about your ear/tooth troubles.

    I have a suggestion for both which might help now or in the future. I have found that even a fairly mild hydrogen peroxide treatment seems to clear up both ear and tooth problems enormously effectively. A few drops in the ear while lying on one’s side (and being VERY careful not to let it tilt toward your eyes!) seems to radically clear out wax/clogs with all its bubbling activity while also striking at least a temporary blow against infections for either ears or teeth that may be causing pain.

    For the most part I’ve found such treatments to be 100% effective, though I’d imagine that in the case of anything that seems to be a serious or deep infection that you scoot to the doc/dentist as soon as possible while bathing in what might just be purely temporary relief.

    I’ve noted this elsewhere and have had people argue that such a treatment is either (1) too extreme; or (2) not extreme enough in terms of having any real effect theoretically — but I have had GREAT success with it over the years and highly recommend giving it a try!

    – MJM, **NOT** a doctor, nor a part of the Big Hydrogen Peroxide Cartel Conspiracy….

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    • In the “old days” Peroxide was used for all sorts of things. Recently, I sent Mr Furlong off to the pharmacy to get some. They said they “don’t sell it anymore”. Have you noticed that if stuff works, you can’t buy it? We got a lecture about Epsom Salts being “dangerous” when all I wanted was some to make bathsalts with! Thank you for your suggestion – the second (known-to-me) eardrops called Otex has peroxide in it. What strength peroxide do you use? I used to use 20% to blonden my hair….


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