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Noa about Noaks? He’s STILL on trial

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This Furlong follows a LCHFKF diet. When I stick to it, it WORKS! But I sometimes fall off the bus – not badly – just enough to feel negative effects on myself.

What is a LCHFKF diet?

LC = Low Carbohydrate

HF = High Fat

K = Ketogenic

F = Fasting

Currently, I’m eating all the LCHF foods – but I’m eating too much – so the F has gone for a burton and the K soon follows.

All over the world there are millions of us that know from our own “scientific” experiments on ourselves, that this way of eating does wonders for how we feel, sorts out many “conditions” we have and that mainstream dietary advice is a load of crap.

Prof Tim Noakes is back on trial now – October 2016  for his views on carbs and fats in the diet. His views are LCHF. And he also practices the F and the K personally, because that’s how he controls his Type 2 Diabetes.

This trial is an absolute disgrace! It shows how far Medicine will go to protect its relationship with Big Pharma and Big Food. And how completely warped science gets when it is used corruptly.

It can look like Strydom is using ADSA to muzzle Noakes because he has taken business away from her and other dietitians. Or she, ADSA and the HPCSA could just be proxies – witting or unwitting – for powerful vested interests. These interests are  in the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, especially drugs companies making billions from cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins. They are also in the food industry – mostly the sugar and breakfast cereal industries that stand to lose if Noakes’ views on LCHF ever become mainstream.

Cape Town attorney Adam Pike, of Pike Law, who heads Noakes’ legal team says Strydom’s charge has no merit whatsoever. He says the hearing has become “an extraordinary opportunity for the issues in question to be ventilated in public”.

It has created much-needed debate about evidence-based medicine. It is highlighting the doctor-patient relationship. It is also spotlighting the role of doctors, academics, scientists, nutritionists and dietitians in giving “the best diet and nutrition information available, not just information in official dietary guidelines”.

“The hearing is also about freedom of speech,” says Pike.

Pike says the hearing is showing up “the disruptive effect of social media and information technology and the transformative effects these are having on the role of doctors and dietitians”.

Social media are increasingly empowering the public, Pike says.  This trial shows that dietitians and their organisations who don’t move with these exciting times will become increasingly irrelevant – and a public health hazard. Link

Well, I think they already ARE a public health hazard.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

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