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Spider, spider in the night


There is such a lot going on in the Furlong family’s life that I am having trouble writing a blog.

But it’s three o’clock in the morning and Mr Furlong and I can’t sleep. We’re in bed drinking hot drinks and trying to find something uplifting to watch on TV.

We are relaxed, happy. It’s Sunday tomorrow and anyway, when you are retired you can wake at three and go to bed again when you feel like it. We are feeling warm and cosy.


I see a large spider troggling along the carpet, making a beeline for the doorway. I leapt out of bed, bare footed, bare handed and looked around for a weapon. I asked Mr Furlong “What do I do?”. He had no suggestions.

I thought, if I just leave the spider, I will never know where it’s gone and it’s decamping somewhere into my house and not knowing where it has gone, will be worse than just killing it. And killing it would be quicker than trying to catch it and throw it outside in the freezing cold where it will die slowly of hypothermia.

Did you think husbands are the spider-killers in a family? Well they are not. Mr Furlong remained exactly where he is now – in bed

sipping hot chocolate.

I found a heavyish book called “Blood Anti-coagulants” and dropped it on the spider as it hesitated on our cream carpet in the doorway.

Then I cleaned up the mess.

Poor spider, I apologise.

But I feel better now.

We might even go to sleep again.


Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

11 thoughts on “Spider, spider in the night

  1. And did the spider’s blood coagulate?

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  2. It was a Daddy? I didn’t KNOW! I thought it was a Mommy about to seed my house with millions of spiderlings……she’d probably eaten Daddy?


  3. I have spent many years monitoring our eight legged friends, and after much ‘research’ can confirm that studies suggest all orphans will answer daddies call and depart said premises should he be decamped by human resident to outside quarters.

    However, in the event of a funeral, the ground becomes sacred. Current and future generations of arachnid will revere the place where their great ancestor was laid to ‘rest’, and hold annual ceremonies.

    ‘Tis a wonder to behold! 🙂

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    • ooooh noooh! “Current and future generations of arachnid will revere the place where their great ancestor was laid to ‘rest’, and hold annual ceremonies.” Actually, she? was laid to rest in the bathroom bin. Its a wet room. I’ll diarise the event and make sure to flush celebrating current and future generations all away next year. 😦

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  4. Actually I find the hoover is far more satisfying and leaves no evidence! Forensics would struggle to pin the war crime. Still, Mr Furlong might find it bemusing should the missus of the house start arming herself with domestic appliances at 3am, ‘she’s gone bonkers’ he’d be thinking 🙂

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