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Smokers – the only people you are legally allowed to abuse


Smokers are the only people you are legally allowed to abuse – nay, smoker-abuse is thought desirable. I think it’s a dreadful situation. The ghastly tobacco control industry are dripping anti-smoker venom into the ear of Theresa May. They are lobbying for even MORE abuse. If Theresa May is serious in what she says about listening to ALL the people of the UK, the smoking ban should be reviewed. I hope she reads the new Forest Report.

Worth reading –

Simon Clarke’s post Here

Forests report Here – Enough Is Enough: Attitudes to UK Smoking Policies



Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

6 thoughts on “Smokers – the only people you are legally allowed to abuse

  1. Alas she probably despises those who think people should ingest what they please as nasty “right libertarians”.

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  2. Question 1/ What proportion of smokers throw their fag ends out of car windows ?
    Question 2/ What proportion just throw their fag end down in the street or anywhere they like ?
    Question 3/ Who takes notice of signs around Hospitals stating “this area is smoke free” ?

    Most will not acknowledge that they are guilty and just say it’s only 5% or10% that might do it…..
    But they are in denial and should get treatment for this departure from reality as their habit has probably done some damage to their ability to understand things.
    It just goes to prove that smokers really dont give a shit about anyone other than themselves.


    • Is it worse because now, there are NO FACILITIES provided for smokers? Even cars have NO ashtrays! Do you notice smokers more now, since they have only the outdoors to smoke in (with no facilities like ashtrays anywhere)? We know that smokers have produced the most wondrous art, writing, philosophy, music, culture etc and have lead the world politically, academically and in medicine as well, so we know smoking doesn’t affect one’s ability to understand things. Smoking has been so demonised, the public so brainwashed, governments so perverted by anti-smoking lobby groups, that no one gives a shit about smokers any more. The loss of societal memory is truly sad.

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    • “What proportion of smokers”

      Probably about same as the proportion of dog owners who let their dogs shit on the pavement and then don’t clear it up or even worse bauble it into a plastic bag and hang it on someone else hedge?

      Personally I make a point of always throwing my butts out the window, smoking in-front of the hospital ‘no smoking’ sign. Never used to, I was ‘consideration for non smokers’ in person. I married a rabid Christian anti-smoker and after she moved in with me, I moved outside to smoke, long ago before I was ‘denormalized’ by society. Hell random strangers passing regularly by would heap praise upon me for always smoking outside- I kid you not. Other male smokers would berate me for not being ‘master in my own home’ and wouldn’t believe me when i said I did it out of consideration for my wife and not at her behest.

      I do carry a portable ashtray with me when outside, I shouldn’t really but I happen to know and like the town road sweeper so as a courtesy to him I do. He has enough work dealing with all the dog crap, beer cans and kebab wrappers….probably for a wage I wouldn’t get out of bed for.

      If possible I try and light up when I walk past a school or when the local kids are on their “Childrens’ Crusade” (ie walking home).

      All very childish of me I’m sure but then all protest tends to be.

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