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Crud “science”…third hand smoke ignorance lurks among us

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I weep at the embarrassing stuff that’s churned out in the name of Science. I don’t know who  these students are, but they have just published this “Study” in the Journal of Pediatric Health Care.

It’s an example of Students grasping a straws with the help of their supervisor, to make some pointless “paper” to get a qualification….and you can puchase it in full for $35:95!

Abstract from Science Direct in full….


Risks of ETS exposure to children remain underappreciated in the general public.

Some cohorts, including smokers and people not living with children, are less likely to perceive the risks of ETS exposure in children.

There is a general lack of awareness across cohorts regarding the risks of third-hand smoke exposure.


Extensive evidence exists regarding health risks posed by children’s exposure to second-hand smoke, and there is increasing evidence concerning the risks of third-hand smoke. This evidence is most meaningful if the public is aware of these risks and can help curb childhood exposure.


Participants were selected at an academic medical center and asked to complete a survey. Responses were compared based on respondents’ smoking status and the presence or absence of children in their homes.


A total of 310 adults responded. Nonsmokers and respondents living with children were more likely to see smoking in the home as affecting all the queried health problems (p < .05). Knowledge of the risks of second-hand smoke exposure is limited, and very few respondents perceived risk from third-hand smoke exposure.


The widespread lack of awareness of the risks associated with environmental tobacco smoke must be addressed to curb childhood exposure.

Ah yes – science.

“there is increasing evidence concerning the risks of third-hand smoke”

There is? I thought it was laughed into obscurity.

“very few respondents perceived risk from third-hand smoke exposure.”

And so they should! They are probably older and wiser…..and more sensible.

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