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Oh no – no Burkini for me

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We are planning to go to France again next year. Swimming costumes, for me, are a pest. I’d rather swim in my pyjamas and cover all the old crepe skin of bits of me that need ironing. Last French trip – to the Riviera – I looked at Burkinis as a possible solution to the over-exposuring to others of my revolting form. I could swim in the pool at the place we go, or venture into the warm, enticing Mediterranean.

I think Burkinis are wonderful. I even love the headgear – so freeing from wondering what my hair looks like in a salty sea breeze!

Of course I’D look more the size of these woman!

I really like Burkinis – not joking.

They even make me think Western women look far less comely in miniscule bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination so they might as well just go swimming naked. Other people’s bits and pieces hanging out make ME feel uncomfortable and ashamed at the brazenness of the modern generation.

But Burkinis will not be a solution for me on the Riviera.

They’ve been banned in Cannes.


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