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Olympic ruins – proof of a mugs practice

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God knows why we have this awful thing called “The Olympic Games” It’s horrible on many levels, but the squandering of a country’s money on facilities to host them, is proof of govern-“mental” abberation and delusion. Often poor countries win deliriously, only to be left very much worse off.

The Olympic Games should take place in ONE venue where it is held every four years. In that place, contestants and countries can vie for their etherial moments of glory and stop wasting money.

In fact, the Furlongs don’t give a damn about the Olympic Games. They are just a mugs game really…

Fourty two amazing photos of derelict Olympics Venues of the past…

Beach Volleyball Venue, Beijing, 2008 Summer Olympics

Fountain In Olympic Village, Athens, 2004 Summer Olympics Venue


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