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Deepcut – murder or suicide?

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It seems VERY strange to me that a young soldier would shoot himself FIVE times – FIVE times, to commit suicide. 

Sean’s body was found with five gunshot wounds to the chest. His rifle lay near his body. An inquest into his death recorded a verdict of suicide.

I’m talking about the first death at Deepcut.

In another –

Private Geoff Gray, from Seaham, was found with two gunshot wounds to the head while on guard duty, having left colleagues to undertake a lone prowler patrol. He was 17 years old.

There were four deaths  – all “suicides” we are told. These young people were “bullied” to death. I can believe that. I’m revolted by the army and all things connected to it. It’s just a horrid, brutal thing.

But can you shoot yourself FIVE times – or even TWICE, in the act of suicide? If something smells – it’s fishy.

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