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Nice – warning for the weary

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We landed and took off from Nice. Currently, Nice roads are complete chaos. If you have updated your European  Maps on your satnav, don’t expect them to know anything about the roads in Nice.

It’s not their fault. The roads are just deviations, deviations, deviations because of all the construction going on. One day, it will be finished – but probably not in The Furlong’s lifetime!

So before you get into the City, you will be exhausted by the stress of driving into Nice.

On the Boulevard des Anglais, there are some places to sit – benches, and more in the park there – but there is nowhere to sit if you are roaming the alleys or streets. Unless you choose a cafe or restaurant. They are expensive. And the urge to replenish your soul, becomes overwhelming. The allure of food and rest is the best marketing tool ever. And the aroma of COFFEE!

You can’t be tired in Nice. There is SO much to see.

I caught sight of this little old twisted lady with white hair, mouth open, back bowed, struggling down the pavement in a shop window reflection. It was a shock to realise it was ME!

I must remember to close my mouth and smile. Old people seem to have hanging gobs when effort is involved. Have you noticed? Mr Furlong doesn’t do that. He always has a smile – even if it is occasionally grim, he doesn’t get the loose-gob look.

So Nice is a challenge for the weary.

And if you return to Nice Airport via road in your hire car, relying on your European Maps updated Satnav, don’t expect to get there any-time. If at all!

Save yourself the anguish and just read the road signs – if you can find any.

That way, you might get on the plane with enough life force to survive the flight home.

And be warned – there is no Tourist Information office on The Boulevard des Anglais when you actually find it. It’s CLOSED!

Nice Tourist info

The Nice Tourist Information Office is CLOSED for renovation – under construction too!

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I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

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