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Flipping frightening


The Furlongs are in France.

I’ve had no time to blog. We’ve been busy having melt downs!

GETTING here was a nightmare. 

At Manchester Airport Departures, I got the FULL TREATMENT in security!

Of everyone there – hundreds and hundreds of us, I got singled out as “the random one”.

To say I was astonished is to put it mildly.

I can just hear someone saying “OK, lets choose that little old lady there with the grey hair, the stroke and the limp. We’ll do a check on HER.”

But, I think it was more than that. When I was pulled over by a very attractive young, nervous security official, someone came up to her and said “Now remember, they are going to watch your EVERY MOVE!” She nodded and said “Yes, yes”and carried me off!

So I think, what REALLY happened is that someone watching us all stream through said “Oh, poor Sonya (or whatever her name was) you have to do this security training on SOMEONE so  lets take THAT old lady there. She’s likely to be friendly and co-operative and she won’t mind a full body search, because no one’s searched her body for years, 🙂 and you won’t find anything on her, but you can practise all the moves. And then, we’ll impound all her luggage, and we won’t find anything there either. And all, in all, it will be a nice quiet un-aggressive operation.”

So that made us late – and then, once we were on the plane it took off  late too. We arrived late – just in time to get our car. No breakfast, no lunch!

So then what we had was our satnav taking us round and round – and ROUND, back to Nice Airport, over and over because we couldn’t seem to get the correct turn off. We had dry mouths, growling stomachs and  shock-addled brains.  At last, somehow, we took the right turning and within seconds were out on the road we were trying to find. A motorway.  It was hell.

And we couldn’t stop.

And then there were tolls – two – right on top of each other. No cash! Impatient drivers behind us – and not a human in sight! But there was a slot for a card. So Mr Furlong shoved his credit card into it. It worked! It’s easy!

Back into the maelstrom we hurtled. “Right!” “Right!” “Straight!” “Straight!” “Mind the left!” Aaaargh!

At last we found a trucking garage where Mr Furlong had a pee and we bought two bottles of water – wonderful water!

Our satnav was brilliant. Couldn’t have got here without it.

But here – it is very mountainous. Everything is terrifyingly up, or terrifyingly down. The roads are excruciatingly narrow and confusing. Mr Furlong hasn’t got driving on the wrong side of the road right yet!

And often, it’s just a full road!


very narrow




Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

8 thoughts on “Flipping frightening

  1. Sheeesh…. I guess the people living in those twisty little lanes don’t just tell their toddlers “Oh, go out front and play. Stay out of the street mind you!”

    On the plus side, if you hate traffic noises you’d probably find it heavenly!

    – MJM

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  2. Sorry. I forgot to mention that France isn’t awfully hot on Road Direction Signs.
    There’s a place around here the signs to which I am forever coming across, which I’ve never actually arrived at.

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