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Iron pills in the loo – and more science


I blogged about iron. I put in a link to an article written by a real, respected, microbiologist. It had all the scientific studies listed for everything he said about Iron’s Dangers.

As with all things that emanate from “medical science”, I am first suspicious – but there is always going to be something we learn that’s “new” and eventually, that new information will be taken as true.

Government Health has been keen on iron supplementation. Just about everything we eat has got “extra iron” added. It’s even worse in the United States. But maybe it IS time for a re-think. Are we overloading on iron?

It’s pretty easy to get enough iron from our food – why supplement?

We do because that’s what we’ve done since Pa fell off the bus.

Who questions what is taken as settled?

But it’s not settled. Just like our “healthy plate” is not healthy to those who know fat is healthy and cholesterol doesn’t cause heart attacks, and that the carbohydrate levels advised on the “healthy plate” are bollocks, one day, we might reduce “added iron” and accept it to be bad advice.

Things do change, and medical science can too.

When enough science is done.

I chucked a whole bottle of vitamins supplemented strongly with iron, down The Furlong loo.

It hang around for many flushes, clinging onto the bottom in a thick black clog.

I wonder if it would have done that to my blood vessels?

I’d rather eat fish, spinach and nuts.

From the world’s favourite on-line newspaper – Levels of iron as seen in prescription tablets can damage cells’ DNA

From The Telegraph – Are iron tablets good for you?

Scary stuff from The Iron Elephant 

How to get rid of iron – Bleed me: why excess iron can be dangerous

And two excellent posts here…..

Iron, Food Enrichment and The Theory of Everything

The Fall of Bloodletting and The Rise of Iron


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

2 thoughts on “Iron pills in the loo – and more science

  1. My Stepmother once decided that I needed Iron and Yeast Tablets because I had a slightly spotty face.
    My Migraines really took off after that. Although I now know that my first Migraines were to do with Malt Extract, which they mainly fed to the children of Tuberculor Mothers, which also contained Iron, of course. And all done with the best of intentions.

    I spent so much of my early life almost blind with pain. And the early lives of my children. Because I didn’t know what was going on. I was so often flat on my back with yet another boring headache.

    I eventually discovered Cafergot Q. Cafeine and Ergotamine and Quinine, which stopped the Migraines dead in their tracks, so long as I took it soon enough. When the first eye jag happened..

    All perfectly understandable if you know how these things work, and what happened in the first place.

    I don’t know if it was the Iron or the Yeast. But it was pretty bloody, bloody, whatever.

    Ergotamine Poisoning was fairly normal in The Middle Ages. A Rye Fungus. But it didn’t half put paid to Migraines for the silly likes of me, so I assume that it had the opposite effect.

    Only thank God that it eventually saved me. I ceased to spend half of my life blind with pain.


    • Gosh – that’s really interesting. I know Migraines are a real curse to people. I know Yeast is not so often suggested because of the link with Candida. I suppose kids nowadays are not given the tonics and pep up things like we used to get. My Grandmother used to mix up raw beetroot juice and stout (though we were a non drinking family) as a cure for anaemia. Beetroot is very much praised currently. Athletes drink it for better performance. I think, on the whole, we DO know more now – and some old wives tales should be dumped!


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