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Computer frustration breakthrough


We have odd computers all over the place – literally. I taught computers for many years and I had a set of basic teaching computers.  Also, we seem to collect them! When I say computers I mean Laptops – I stopped thinking desktops years ago…

When other people say “I’m dumping this laptop, it’s too slow” my eyes gleem! I know a thing or two on getting laptops (or desktops) up to an acceptable speed. So the challenge is on – I LOVE it. I am very happy just mucking around sorting out computers.

Mr Furlong and I have a laptop each – speedy large brained and expensive. We thought it was worth buying GOOD because, I figured, my computer-teaching days are over, and we just want a nice laptop each to take us into old age. Also, we game. These will do us very well. They have enough brain and speed to cope with innovations slamming into us in the future – well the next ten years maybe?

Our oldest laptop is “Grandpa”. He has a very small brain and runs windows XP. We send all our printing to Grandpa because he is obsolete enough to communicate with our also obsolete printer. Grandpa went through a time of having heart attacks when he was running Ubuntu, but our son-in-law re-installed Windows XP and grandpa is cured!

Then, there was “Little White” who was taken to Africa by one of our daughters. I think he is retired now.

There was “Little Blue”, “Little White’s” friend. But unfortunately he needs a screen-transplant and might have to wait (like the NHS) as Mr Furlong is a bit busy.

There are four teaching laptops, all in different states of disrepair – wear and tear, like having a glass of water knocked over them, or other accidents.

But this week, I have been working on a MOST frustrating laptop. It’s an MSI Wind that drove it’s owner crazy with slowness so she dumped it on me and bought herself something else. But it has ENOUGH brain, and other good aspects so it SHOULD  be better. It’s running Windows 7. I’ve worked every morning this last week trying to cure it’s illness. Not the first time – I’ve done several re-installs in the past. But, to save myself the bother of a whole re-install, I did all my “magic” to no avail. Frustrating.

It’s always been called “Windypops”.

I’m SURE that’s the problem! Today I did another re-install and called her “Liz” in frustration.

She (our only female computer I think) is working a treat! How amazing! I feel very good about her.

So, she’s going to France with us, ’cause she’s small, light and WORKING!


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “Computer frustration breakthrough

  1. Since running a friend’s ordinary computer while she was away, I have had two Macs. My first was bought entirely against the advice of everyone, including my children. It lasted nine years, and didn’t at all slow down until the very end.
    My second is now about three years old, and going strong. Yes, they are a bit more expensive, but for nine years worth, not really. And I’ve never had a virus. Also, they are very easy to operate.

    Don’t ask me what the difference is because I couldn’t tell you anymore, but I wouldn’t have anything else

    However, it’s interesting that you know so much about computers. So what do you think of Macs?

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