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Water – not enough – or too much?


I absolutely am NOT a water drinker. I have to force myself to drink it. I wonder if Mr Furlong ever drinks water? I never see him doing so.

When I was a child, I don’t remember anyone saying we HAD to drink water. But there was a rule – no water before, or at, or after a meal. Our Nanna, with whom we lived, said it diluted the digestive juices and was a bad thing at those times.

If you drink too much water, it can kill you.

If you drink too much water/any fluid whilst running it can kill you – and it does – regularly.

If your urine is crystal clear and colourless, you are drinking too much water. It’s supposed to be clear and light straw coloured.

If you are large, you need more water than small people like me.

If you work in a hot environment or are very physically active, you need to drink a lot of water AND take salt.

If you are sedentary, like me, you don’t need that much, at all.

But as I generally hate water – except for swimming in – I don’t drink it.

As an aside, one of these water-daft people that we see everywhere nowadays which clarifies, to me, we’ve all gone insane, brought her water bottle into the swimming pool last Thursday and carefully placed it on the side.  FFS. That’s going too far!

I know I should at least drink SOME water.

I have a little trick that entices me to drink it more.

Our daughter gave me a very strange – well I thought so at the time – Christmas gift. It was a set of four drinking glasses. Every day I fill them up. And by the end of the day at least three are empty. Turns out it was a most helpful present and I love using them.  Makes the whole ghastly “drink more water” thing fun.



Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “Water – not enough – or too much?

  1. I don’t want to give you a lecture because you have obviously got the message. But drinking some plain water is essential. Preferably three litres a day, although anything is better than nothing.
    You will quite shortly get into the habit, a habit that I adopted many years ago. But then I eat a lot of salt.
    Best to drink filtered water. A filter jug is fine.
    I talked a friend of mine into adopting this habit, and he admits some six months on that he does feel better.
    Incidentally, you can live much longer without food than without water.
    And apart from diluted Vinegar, a glass of water is the best cure I have ever found for indigestion.
    Take a glass of water to bed with you. It doesn’t make you pee anymore, and dilutes the aggravation to your bladder.

    Gee up the good work.


    • Thank you Elena. Yes – I suppose for indigestion, water would be good if it “dilutes the digestive juices”? Never tried that.
      Interesting point which I’m very glad about, is that we have the purest water in the UK here. We used to have a filter attached to our kitchen tap once upon a time where we lived before. I remember Mr Furlong grumbling about the expense – but I thought it was worth it.


      • My friend has attached a water filter, which apparently helps him. But for me The Filter Jug is fine. The filters are a teensy bit pricy but I use one for two months rather than just one month because someone told me that it was okay to do this.

        A Pharmacist told me about water for indigestion because she thought medicines were a waste of money.
        As for your pure water, good if it is, but they still add rubbish to it.

        I didn’t realise that I had a thing about water until I read your blog post, and remembered the number of people that I have met that think it isn’t necessary, and it scares me a bit. Dehydration can kill you, especially if you are debilitated by an illness, like Diabetes.

        If I was your on the spot friend, I would be daily harassing you. In fact, I might just do that.

        I did somewhat experience dehydration in Singapore in the beginning, and it made me feel dreadful, until I drank a couple of large glasses of water. The relief was almost instant.
        But in UK and here three litres is fine and won’t do you any harm.

        Thanks for reminding me about something I do almost without thinking.

        PS. Tea and Coffee won’t do because they can dehydrate you.


        • Very interesting comment! Reminded me of something that happened to me here in the UK – I’ll blog tomorrow…
          Here they wanted to put Fluoride in our water, but us natives revolted so loudly, they changed their minds! Otherwise, I suppose it’s purification chemicals?


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