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Substance Users

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Oh – I really enjoyed this! Love Frank Davis’ blog.

Frank Davis

H/T Audrey Silk for this NYT piece on the hospital treatment of “substance users”:

We are their doctors and nurses, their parents, their arresting officers, parole officers, judge and jury. Needless to say, we are not trained for the last five roles, nor are we particularly good at them.

A single principle guides us: You cannot use your drug of choice on our premises, no matter how much you may need it and prefer it to our proffered alternatives. Around that immutable core swirl large clouds of negotiation, compromise, duplicity, manipulation and general misery for all involved.

It’s a complete alternative society, in which new people step into the shoes of parents, police, and courts. No doubt they also have interrogators, torturers, and executioners as well. It’s a new society in which all the old rules have been swept away and replaced with new ones.

A bit like Sharia law…

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