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Mindfulness – What we don’t account for


Science has made huge strides in studying our brains. Our current culture ignores the really important fact that how we think affects our bodies and health. We are fed poisonous ideas constantly. 

Yet science tells us that how we think is crucial to happiness and health.

Our public health people are a perfect example of mind poisoners.

Fancy telling women to think of their risk of breast cancer “every time” they pour a glass of wine! What WAS she thinking?

A new/old meme that is being used more and more as we follow Tobacco Control fear strategies in Public Health. It  is the “there is no safe level” quote.

Tobacco Control issued statements to say “there is no safe level of smoking” – which even then, someone should have pulled them up for, because it is simply not true! Science (real science) tells us that if you stop smoking heavily in your thirties, you’ve got as good a chance as any non smoker of living a healthy and long life. The same is true for those who smoke occasionally.

So now Dame Sally, tells us “There is no safe level of drinking”.

There’s been a lot of scornful and derisive comment in the Media about Dame Sally’s ideas. But of course she’s our Dame Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer.  Does she know nothing about poisoning minds?

Rather than enjoying the moment – THIS moment, each moment, we should be thinking of the risks involved instead?

We know that genes get switched on or off according to everything we do in life. Constantly living in fear about “safe levels”, “risks”, “health”, “political correctness” added to all the other difficulties of simply being human, is more than enough to make us unhealthy, worried adults for life. We might be healthier without Public Health poisoning our minds with fear.

Shame on them. Do they not know about Mindfulness?

Here is a 2013 video of Scientists discussing Mindfulness according to their latest findings. It is an hour long, but is well worth the watch. It’s the antidote to all the Dame Sally mind poisoners in our world.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness – What we don’t account for

  1. The brain, a curious organ, god forbid we ever understand it. If we ever do we’ll break it.

    Is our essence in our brain or is it just a conduit to express our cognizance. Now there’s a question!

    Does a person with Alzheimer’s have no cognizance or just not a functioning conduit to illustrate it? There’s another!

    Mindfulness. You can’t control a mindful and aware person so being mindful is actively discouraged. Nor can you frighten a mindful person because in a short amount of time such a person will resolve that fear by accepting the inferred consequences or dismissing them.

    When factions frighten you they don’t do it, in most cases, for your benefit they do it for their own.

    To be able to frighten people is very empowering and often very enriching.

    If the government couldn’t frighten you how much power would it have, If your doctor couldn’t ditto. You can make a very long list of these: UN, eu, WHO, Big Pharma, NHS, political parties, the list is near endless. It really does all work the same.
    They empower and enrich themselves by invoking the most primal of emotives, fear. Even the church has had a go at it.

    A lot of the inspired fear is groundless but it works.

    Here’s my ignorant poke at breast cancer:
    No 1 suspect is deodorant, especially aluminium loaded varieties
    No2 badly fitting bras impeding lymphatic drainage and circulation.
    No3 diet, chronic over nourishment.
    Let’s be mindful here, no pun intended, we have been conditioned to be fearful, there’s that word again for someone elsess benefit, of smelling like a human being and actually doing so is to be deemed offensive. So you must shower every day, another product sales pitch, and use our products to disguise what you actually are.

    Smoking, The powers that be don’t care about you their only wish is to reduce their perceived liability, so if we increase the price of tobacco products by taxation fewer people will smoke, reducing the perceived liability but maintaining the income from taxation.
    Dinking is the same, reduce liability but maintain income stream.
    Vaping, if we can’t demonise it and we will with science, bogus or otherwise, we can’t justify taxing it.

    The principal reason I’m alive today is when the doctors told me I was going to die, even with treatment, and soon, I didn’t believe them. When you have scared someone witless about what they have it becomes near impossible to make them positive.

    Vote leave! sod off with your scaremongering……………..for your own benefit. It really does………………..all work the same.

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