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Mr Furlong’s birthday present


Poor Mr Furlong is getting a really unusual birthday present today. He’s gone to the DENTIST!

The town where our dentist is, got badly damaged during the floods. I noticed that the BBC had very little to say about Kendal. The news was all about other, more exciting places in the Lake District – Carlisle and later York.  But the devastation in Kendal was hardly mentioned.

Let me tell you that Kendal was most terribly afflicted by the floods. People are still trying to recover. I wonder if Kendal has had Government assistance like the other places in the news? My sardonic, sceptical side thinks NOT.

Years ago, when I was training in Manchester for a position I was taking on, my trainer said to me – “Always remember that the baby that cries the loudest gets the most milk.”  I believe in crying loudly if you need something. It works!

But what has this to do with dentists and Mr Furlong?  Well, the dentist that we have, has been virtually shut down while they rebuild after the floods. It coincided with the abscess in Mr Furlong’s mouth.  They tried to help him at some other surgery in a village outside Kendal, with such poor equipment, they couldn’t even X Ray it. Oh my. Mr Furlong has been in truly awful pain. No pain killer seemed to help. Tissue salts, homoeopathy and even penicillin was like farting against thunder. Mr Furlong has had a desperate time.

Yesterday I told him to cry very loudly – scream even – because the dentists’ rebuild is almost complete. They were absolutely wonderful. They X Rayed, identified a massive abscess which they drained with their special sucking-out machine, and for the first time, the pain started to recede.

Today is Mr Furlong’s birthday – he’s going to be “fixed” properly at last.

And he’s very happy about that!


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

3 thoughts on “Mr Furlong’s birthday present

  1. I drained mine with a sharpened jewellers screwdriver but hey that’s me.


  2. It’s not brave, it’s my assumption if something can be done then I can do it myself. With further acquired knowledge I would have now followed that with cleaning with H2O2.

    Thank you for following my blog but it’s a dead end I’m afraid, what I would and would like to say would get me in all sorts of trouble so I’m not doing it at the moment and for the foreseeable despite costing hundreds of pounds to set up. I do use the capacity to host my daughters website so it isn’t a complete loss.

    As I suggested to C.M. blogs should have contact buttons for asides and explanations of held positions.

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