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A Garden experiment

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Test post from my BlackBerry playbook – absolute hell. 

The Furlong garden is a real pest in the spring when the Bishops Weed comes up. Every year we have a few weeks of intense weeding while we try to get it under control. 

Image result for Bishop's weed Now , you can eat the new leaves, but it’s bland in a salad, and cooked too. So it’s not our favourite veggie. I love the flowers – lacy and white and they even last well in a vase.

But there’s SO MUCH in our garden, we need to take control. It’s got thread like roots that will send up new plants, no matter how well you think you’ve weeded. It’s a pain.

So here’s the cunning plan – an experiment.

We have covered the affected areas with cardboard.  And the cardboard with camouflage.  Supposed to impede the growth of weeds for several years.  If it just impedes our Bishops for one year it will give us a break!

Here are some photos of the experiment in action.


IMG-20160113-01388 IMG-20160113-01389



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