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Corporations – a history of serfdom according to me

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In the Middle Ages, there were serfs – The Feudal System – a profitable system of Church and Nobility. Wealth at the top.

The Industrial Revolution changed serfs into home -workers forced  to work endlessly due to the threat of starvation. Profits shared to the merchants.

Industrialisation changed workers into a resource for Capitalists who made profits from labour. Profits still to the top.

Merchants/Capitalism needed a place to store increasing profits – bankers and money lenders rose to the top.

By this time, poverty was rife for the serfs/workers/masses  and the revolutionary potential of poverty was recognised by the State which was a primitive type of Corporation. Democracy was thought to provide a sop the serfs.

In the meantime, the idea of Corporations had taken off.

Corporations are owned by their stockholders (shareholders) who share in profits and losses generated through the firm’s operations, and have three distinct characteristics (1) Legal existence: a firm can (like a person) buy, sell, own, enter into a contract, and sue other persons and firms, and be sued by them.

Capitalists organised themselves into Corporations and the banks became Corporate too.  Oh! and the State modernised their Corporation.

Serfs/workers sold their labour to the Corporations who made a nicely thank you profit which they sent to the banks. Profit x once

The banks realised money was a resource in itself. Loaned to the masses, with interest – they could make profit for Corporations twice! Profit x twice

And when the State became a modern Corporation, they could demand income tax from the serfs and thus provide Corporate profits, thrice. Profit x 3

For a while, that looked liked Capitalism.

But NO!

The system of government has changed. Only the serfs (of course) are still the serfs.

Those Capitalist Corporations have now combined in mergers and take overs – concentrated themselves – so that THE CORPORATIONS are now the rulers of the world. Governments are their servants for Corporations control the wealth and can dictate the terms.

And the power of the serfs has remained unchanged – mostly.

The sop to stop us rebelling is to keep us happy through the Entertainment/Media Corporations, Food, Farming, Retail, Consumer Corporations, Drug Corporations, Sports Corporations, Warmth, Power and Heat Corporations, the “caring” Government Corporation etc.

People who have all those things can count themselves lucky. Isn’t technology wonderful? We are warm, dry and well fed for the first time in History.

This is how a capitalist democracy is supposed to work. I wonder how the future in a Corporate controlled world will turn out? We might be warm, dry, well fed and amused, but possibly not “free”.

Voting for a government that has no real power is a useless kind of Democracy when something more powerful controls them. I think Democracy is over. What’s next?


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