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A bit of rubbish from vaping ignoramuses


All over the news today is that the NHS approve of and are going to prescribe an “electronic cigarette” called Voke. What utter tosh!

An electronic cigarette? BBC 

The UK medicines regulator has approved a brand of e-cigarette to be marketed as an aid to help people stop smoking.

The Voke is an INHALER. I jolly well  hope it’s better than the old one, because that was pretty awful.

An inhaler is NOT an electronic cigarette.

Silly people!

Voke – an innovative nicotine inhaler

In September 2014, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK granted Nicoventures’ development partner Kind Consumer a medicines licence for Voke, an innovative nicotine inhaler.

The licence demonstrates our continued commitment to harm reduction by offering adult smokers a choice of alternative products to conventional cigarettes.


Voke is activated by the user inhaling a nicotine vapour via a valve in the device. No heat or combustion is involved, and Voke doesn’t require a battery or other energy source.


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I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

11 thoughts on “A bit of rubbish from vaping ignoramuses

  1. I thought we figured out that there was a new voke, now called the e-voke or e-joke 🙂


    • But there is already the Evoke – new technology – they were crowd funding? -or something in the USA. THAT Evoke will be a real electronic device if they ever get it off the ground – or maybe they have?
      This BAT “e-voke” – is it an e-cig or just an inhaler?


  2. This really gets my dander up, When are people going to realise that their GP is a fundamental part of the governments control and compliance mechanism, there are of course notable exceptions, they have a government hymn sheet to sing from and they work within these constraints to effect the best position for themselves. “GPs would be very wary of prescribing them until there was clear evidence of their safety and of their efficacy in helping people to quit,” he said.” I tend to think this is more a budget issue rather than an efficacy issue. Zyban would be far less straining on their budgets than Ecigs. They don’t care about you just how much budget you may cost.

    The thing about Zyban is it has an end point, Ecigs don’t. I’m all for the NHS prescribing Ecigs as a cessation aid but on a time limited basis, starter kit and a couple of months supply of juice but if you want to continue buy your own.

    The essential question I have to ask is if you get all the smokers on ecigs where are you going to make up the shortfall in revenue that the smokers now provide, currently, variously estimated, at 6 to 8 billion pounds per annum NET!

    Where are they going to raise the shortfall……… guessed it, on e juice, they are as addicted to the revenue as much as smokers are addicted to smoking…………..and we’ll let them, democracy eh, there’s an idea.


    • Quite right! Anything they prescribe will be so non satisfying, quitters will go on making a profit for the drug companies, by still using all their other stuff like patches and gums…perfect for profit, yes?


  3. “perfect for profit”, yes, Yes indeed. What you can’t get across is the majority of GP surgeries, with notable exceptions, have evolved into businesses, they’re not there to look after you they’re there to monetise and control you. The more they can control you the greater the monetisation potential. Why do we assume that the doctors are immune from human nature and, of course, if the “doctor” says it must be so.

    If it works, it’s expensive, if it really works and patentable it’s prescription only, we can’t have people making their own decisions and doing their own research now can we. In any other realm of expertise this would be deemed as prohibitive practice, not so the medics and pharmacists eh.

    I just bought 96 200mg ibuprofen OTC. I feel sure that taking all those at once would have fatal consequences but you cannot buy more than 32 paracetomol. 16s in the supermarket but 32s in a chemist, are theirs less toxic? It’s an absolute farce, The net result is an increase of the price of paracetomol………………………………..and we suck it up and allow it.


    • Yes – we’ve gone insane! BUT – more and more people are becoming aware, thanks to the Internet and the sharing of information on Blogs and Websites. I am optimistic! Revolution coming…..


      • Here’s where we get to that confidence impasse again Mrs Furlong. How many people think like we do? Despite growth in the area of awareness I would suggest it’s still a vanishingly small number.

        Because we have seen it we think if we show it to others they will accept it. No so, in my family and circle of friends I’m seen as a pariah on certain subjects: government, eu, NHS, UN, WHO, WTO etc etc. All these entities have agendas some of which are not for the benefit of the population but the entity, no-one wants to look at them let alone see what they actually are. They all have a commonality, in varying degrees, they’re all corporate facilitators.

        The other commonality they have is they are in positions of power and are the only ones in positions to effect change, the problem is they have a vested interest, their own, not to. They “all” get bigger and more powerful year on year.

        Revolution, maybe, but not in my lifetime.

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        • Probably not – you are right. But there will be eventually, a kind of reformation. The Corporation itself, is very new – its also an experiment still. With new systems it takes a while to sum up the good and the bad. Academia are already aware – once there is a breakout there, things will turn around. My opinion. Fortunately, my whole family “see”.So I feel at home.


          • Sorry to go on, to explain my lack of confidence. We come from an age when the government wasn’t there to wipe our bottoms, we didn’t go to the doctor with every twinge and snivel.

            Children are now taught (programmed) at school:

            The government is there to look after us.

            The Doctor knows best about…..well everything, it doesn’t even need to be medically related.

            Warble Gloaming isn’t a hypothesis it’s fact.

            The eu is good, national pride is bad.

            Islam is the religion of peace.

            The list is endless. Much of it is covered by a previous post of yours “how it was-then and now.

            These are the people who will replace us, where all “this” is normal.
            There won’t be a fight as they’ll not recognise a problem.


            • That’s a deeply profound thought! Thinking.


              • The essence is once you know something you can’t unknow it. A lot of people don’t want to know. They won’t even discuss it, it’s contrary to their core beliefs and realities. Don’t take on so about these important things, I may have to think about stuff, I’m busy watching the x factor. Bread and circuses? Vacuous banality, the new reality.

                OK, I’ll shut up now, Happy new year!


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