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My old nose – what’s yours like?


I don’t like my nose. It’s looking odder as I get older. Getting bumpy. Or something….noses change over time. Here are some fascinating ageing nose gifs….

Click on the picture to go through to other gifs….

10 Incredible GIFs Showing How Aging Changes Our Appearance


Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

6 thoughts on “My old nose – what’s yours like?

  1. I have never liked my nose, but this could be something to do with my dear Nana getting me to sleep with a peg on it. No, really, she did. I guess my nose just wasn’t upper class enough for her. And it wasn’t and isn’t, of course. I can see that. But she had pretentions for me, with the best will in the world.

    She married a Quarter Master Sergeant in The Cold Stream Guards. But she was Welsh, you see, so always a bit above anyone’s station. The Welsh always have valued their women and their standing, apart from being a bit crackers, of course.

    To this day I still find myself pulling my nose down when I am not thinking. But it hasn’t helped. It is still upturned and a bit too short.


    • A peg? That’s not nice. An upturned nose is beautiful….


      • No, it wasn’t quite like that. My grandmother had a very hard road to ride, and my nose is awfully working class.
        I have changed everything else about me for my own sake, but you can never change a nose.

        I guess you just need to know what matters to you, and whether or not you want to change it.

        I expect that I could find a few Celts with my nose. It didn’t just come out of the ether.

        Mais quelle que fois c’est mure a comprends.

        You are a really okay person, and I like you very much.


        • I don’t see “working class noses”. I don’t see black noses, white noses, “high class” noses – I just see people-noses. Occasionally I see people who have had their noses improved by surgery. I approve if it’s not just vanity, which seems a useless waste of suffering. My cousin had a HUGE, HUGE nose, poor guy. He had his nose reduced. The op was a disaster (many years ago) but even with the collapsed bridge he ended up with, it was better than the one he had. Surgery is much improved nowadays.


          • What a load of rubbish. It’s all vanity in the end. And Yes, as it happens, I do now have a breathing problem because it is difficult for me to breathe with my mouth shut. But i am not going to do anything about it. And nor will I ever change my own ghastly nose.

            Please note that I have never said anything about black noses, although I might have done if I thought that it was pertinent. But it isn’t, in context of the subject.

            I sometimes envy you of your time in Africa. With fear of offending everyone, I would have liked to be there. But I suppose that it all got a bit frightening. I don’t really know. What price fear for your lives?

            For me, Africa was always the best place to be. Such a glorious country, but I don’t know how brave I might have been. Or what I might have done to protect my status. I was never fortunate enough to be there.

            And England would never have been the same again after that.

            Be well..

            Mitch. xx


            • Geographically, Africa is stunning. Very beautiful – sometimes harsh. Very hot and continual sunshine which you get as sick of as any continual weather. Not half as gentle and lovely as green England.

              The drawbacks are the continual violence, murders for a trifle, rapes every 2 secs, terrible poverty, frightfully bad education system, rationing of electricity and water. shortages of food where there should be plenty, violent amoral police forces and venal, corrupt Governments.

              At least here, there is only a corrupt Government!


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