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Yes and no – its science!

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These reports are BOTH from the Telegraph Science column. They are from December 2015 and October 2015,

This shows the Furlong household that science is magical and nobody knows a thing!


From October – just in time to fuck up Christmas, is this….

Go teetotal to reduce dementia risks, NHS says

Current Government advice – which is under review – suggests women can drink two to three units of alcohol a day (one 175ml glass of wine) and men three units, without compromising their health.

The new Nice advice says drinking any alcohol can increase the risk of dementia, disability and frailty, advising GPs that people should be encouraged “to reduce the amount they drink as much as possible.”

It suggests Britain’s “social norms” when it comes to alcohol “need to be challenged”.

“Drinking alcohol daily at home has become normal for some people, and this poses a threat to health,” the guidance says.


From December, making Christmas a really healing time, is this

Why drinking with friends may prevent death from Alzheimer’s

Sharing a drink with friends could prevent early death from Alzheimer’s disease a new study suggests.

Scientists discovered that drinking around a glass of wine a day appears to lower the risk of death from dementia by 77 per cent.

But they believe the affect may not be the alcohol itself having a protective effect, but the fact that people who drink moderately tend to have a richer social network, which has been linked to improved quality and length of life.

“The results of our study point towards a potential, positive association of moderate alcohol consumption on mortality in patients with Alzheimer’s disease,” said lead author Professor Frans Boch Waldorff, of the University of Southern Denmark Odense,


Whew! Just in time for the Festive Season – isn’t science wonderful? Cheers!


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