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Not in contact with reality

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It is known in the Furlong house, that I don’t like Richard Dawkins, one of the Four Horsemen of Atheism. I was sorry when Christopher Hitchens died because his command of words and connection with worldly things – like the pleasure of smoking, was so endearing.

Dennet seems to trundle along in the background offending people with his “illusion” of consciousness and denial of free will. And the last Horseman, Sam Harris has offended everyone else by writing a book on Spirituality.  Oh dear.

I don’t like Dawkins the most because he is British, and he should know better! Isn’t that silly? There is something arrogantly scythe like is his thoughtless attacks on anything not in the Dawkins “Dogma”.  His lack of any kind of empathy for those with Faith.  And New Atheists quote him like a creed. I got truly sick of him when I was doing an Open University Course on Earth Sciences.

But, arrogance should not have a place is science. There are always others who’d like to tip you off your horse!

Dawkins truly fell off his horse in this video – not sure if he knows what planet he’s on nor that Feminism is as ugly as New Athiesm.

I must admit, I felt sorry for him trying to extricate himself from the dwang he has found himself in, But hey ho that’s the way things go.

Short video –


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