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So many delicious questions – so little time


On the whole, I think there is a lot of VERY strange stuff going on in the world. I’m never going to get time to investigate any of it – the outcomes of our collective foolishness will take a generation or two to manifest.

I’ll have to re incarnate to check out all the outcomes of our current insanities.

I’d like to see how the new Feminism’s anti-man poison has made women “happy”.

I’d like to see whether sex ever regains a secret, delectable status or whether it degrades into copulative mass entertainment.

I’d like to see where LGBT takes us. How they find their place in the world, and how far we can go in surgically altering humans.

And whether there are more gay men than straight men.

I’m curious about future kinds of humans – genetically modified, eating genetically modified foods and artificial chemicals  – or mass-produced vegan “food” nuggets, rationed maybe?

Maybe illness will have been overcome by “preventative” drugs, vaccinations and inoculations. Antibiotics might have been phased out along with statins, chemo. Or maybe Pharmaceutical Corporations will have been charged with crimes of omission and function with nobility.

I’d like to see whether the end of the ice age is any closer, or if scientists are still predicting global warming.

And how much money everyone has made from blaming CO2 for it.

Maybe there won’t BE money any more – just State Vouchers logged on chips implanted under the skin of our arms.

I’d like to see, if in the future, individuals in society have any kind of personal freedoms at all, to smoke, to vape, to eat, to drink. And see what these pleasures are replaced with. I wonder if, when I incarnate we might be allowed to think our own thoughts, to speak our opinions.

And how much more totalitarian society is.

I’d like to come back to see if Britain opted out of the European Union. I’d like to read about the end of it in History books, and how the experiment failed miserably.

But that last paragraph, of course, is just wishful thinking….



Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

14 thoughts on “So many delicious questions – so little time

  1. Sex has already degenerated into copulative, mass entertainment. And you can’t find a decent television series without gay men and women putting themselves about all over it. “Oh God, not again.” Especially if there are two lots of each of them at it, which is often the case these days. It’s mortal hard sometimes to find anyone who is straight.
    Will this be the end of humanity, might be a good question to ask.

    No, I am not gay phobic. I just don’t want it shoved down my throat at every given opportunity.

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    • Saturation, the key to normalisation, Have you noticed you can’t have a programme or an advert without the obligatory minority representation. I’m neither Racist or any minorityaphobic but we are being force fed it in proportions that don’t reflect the actuality and the curiosity that we always feel now that we must include this qualifiying statement.

      The automatic pre judgement now is if you mention anything minority related you are somethingaphobic. It’s all gone a bit wrong hasn’t it. There’s agendas afoot and they’re not for our benefit.


      • I must admit that I hadn’t thought about it as saturation to normalisation, although now you’ve said it, this is probably true. But why? It’s not as though we don’t know about these things.
        But I do wonder if the actors in question are gay themselves or just playing a part. Or perhaps there’s a gay actors register they have to pick from before permission is given to make the programme.

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        • Well that’s a thought. Maybe there is a register…


        • There are a few ways to evaluate this situation, the net result “is” normalisation by saturation. Are these people included, now seemingly obligatory, to deflect any inference of whateveraphobia or a deliberate means to change public opinion, not going to work in the long game.

          The problem with me is I take as I find, if I don’t like you I don’t like you, the problem arises if the person is protected by a minority status, there’s a lot of them. If I express a dislike to one of these elements it is immediately decried as I have a somethingaphobia, the fact that the person is a complete arsehole doesn’t matter.

          Remember the sign “the management reserve the right to serve or admit” If someone is a member of a protected group they don’t.

          I had the unfortunate privilege of running a small hotel, If a group of pissed up obnoxious men arrived at the door I would say we haven’t got the required rooms for you and that would be the end of it, albeit with some abusive comments. If said group were a protected species they have recourse, they could have called the police and asked me to prove it.

          One of my enduring memories was a booking for a family of Asians. They arrived at the door with pots, pans and packages of food. They expected to be able to use our kitchen facilities at any time of day they wished to prepare their own meals !!! As it turned out our rooms weren’t up to their standards, not en-suite, no sky TV, no telephones, no internet and no 24 hour on call room service @£15 per person per night B&B!!! @£15 a night it’s a clean bed, a clean room and a good breakfast. They didn’t want to stay, I recommended a five star to them (100+ per night)

          The thing that the fluffy’s BBC, HMG et al have in common is the belief that we’re all the same, we’re not. Nations have traits, Regions have traits, Religious adherents have traits, Races have traits, even regions of the UK have traits.

          We all have traits some are mixable and some aren’t but that is an anathema to the fluffys. We are living in an enforced homogenisation, to be tolerant of the intolerant, it isn’t going to work.

          I’ll welcome anyone into my home, Black, White, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Jedi, tall, short, male or female but if you decry my way of life or keep shitting on the couch I’ll ask you to leave. It’s just the natural order of things and no amount of legislation will change it.


  2. And you said I was negative. It’s a fair cop mind.

    The problem is there is no off switch for any of this insanity, it’s played out so long it will have to resolve itself. Sitting on a cloud watching it all unfold.

    Did you read James Highams piece on feminism. The Christy 0Misty videos are an eye opener. More truths than the fringe can cope with.

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