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Something secret – Fukushima

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Us old  Furlongs might be over-the-hill and falling to bits physically, but our brains are still sharp. Well, I’ve got the curiosity and Mr Furlong has memory. I find it wondrous that I can casually mention that we are out of loo blue, and shortly, it arrives in the shopping that Mr Furlong does. I have to make lists, but he just remembers.

Mostly, even ordinary people, have short memories. We have dismissed a lot of things because we are artificially brain-dumbed by the Media that simply provides us with information censored to what the elite think we should know.

Take Fukushima.

When did you last wonder about Fukushima? Do we ever question what’s in our water, our rain, our food as a result of Fukushima?

How often do we hear that Nuclear Power is the “answer” to Climate Change? In the UK we are getting a huge new nuclear facility built for us by China.  Yipeee not!

Back to Fukushima.  HERE is stuff not reported in OUR press. There is a niggly suspicion in me that we are not being told things we don’t want to hear.

And here is a man with courage – NAOTO MATSUMURA – the man who refused to leave the radiation zone and looks after animals there, despite being Japan’s most radiated person  –   a secret hero of Fukushima.

Naoto Matsumura, Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals





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