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Our rats – a dreadful decision


The Furlong loft has been claimed by rats. Two rats that we know of. That means probably a Mommy rat and a Daddy rat.

At night, our loft is their ballroom. By day, they feed and drink at our bird feeder in the garden.

Mr Furlong has ascertained that they have not chewed any cables nor made homes in the spare duvets and curtains stored up there overhead. There are rat droppings. We wondered if there were squirrels in the loft by the sounds at night. Thumps, like acorns being dropped, and heavy bodies leaping made us think a small rat was not capable of such pandemonium.

But now we have seen them in our garden. And beautiful they are! Sleek, glossy, wiley, quick, sharp, stealing from our bird feeder. They are an entertainment.

They are very bold compared to their tiny cousins, our little Wood Mice.

The Furlong children owned rats as pets when they were growing up. I’ve always liked rats. What a pity that we now have to deal with these lovely creatures. They can’t go on living in OUR house in case they break our rules.

We do not poo everywhere. We do not chew our electrical wiring and most of all, we do not gnaw our duvets and curtains into nests for litters and litters of babies.

I’m warning you that a humane rat-trap is going to be set up in our loft.

So, you have to go, guys. Sorry. Toughies. Life is shit and then you die.

It snowed today. It’s bitterly cold.

The question is – how long will you last when we release you in a far flung foreign field, without the help of the Furlong bird food, and the warm comfort of our loft?

You can go quietly RIGHT NOW – or you can hang about and be left deserted, cold, confused, hungry and lonely in some owl, stoats or ferret’s hunting ground.

Brown rat - Amy Lewis - Amy Lewis



Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

16 thoughts on “Our rats – a dreadful decision

  1. You have my sympathy, we tried humane traps, ultrasonics even killer traps. The problem is they are very smart indeed, we ultimately had to resort to poison.
    Mice we can tolerate, I’ve even had one on my desk washing it’s face, cheeky thing. But rats are a no no.


    • Problem with poison is I don’t want them stinking out our roof!


      • I know, hence the sympathy. Mothballs are said to discourage them. We have them under the floor in the shed and in the attic.
        It’s hard to find where they get in. ours came from two doors downs kitchen extension. Found their way in through the building works, into the attic and along the terrace. Can someone lend you a ferret.


        • Well – a ferret owner would probably be easy to find here – in ferret country. I wonder if they “retrieve” or just kill and leave. If they just kill and leave we will have stinking corpses too!


          • I live in ferret country too the Lancashire Riviera. A greatly under rated pet, intelligent, playful and fearless. But the inherent smell is an acquired taste. Left to it’s own devices it’s kill and eat.
            A light and a noise in the attic may discourage them. They don’t like to be noticed.


            • Got 1250ml of 72 and glass bottles to freeze it in at 100ml each. tried a sample of 100ml it doesn’t freeze just goes very thick. So I’m good to go. Still can’t find a non tobacco flavour I like, any recommendations?


              • Coffee?
                Have you tried RY4? Why try to find something else if you LIKE tobacco?

                The fact that VG won’t freeze makes it perfect in glass bottles. I’m going to buy mine soon. You will only get a bottle and a half – or are you mixing down? I’m going to store mine at 72 mg as I receive it.


                • It’s you that set me off looking, I have RV3 I think? not tried yet. I have licorice, that sounds promising. I have so many it’s going to take a while to try them all, followed by blending of various. My two favourites at the moment are amber blend and old port tobacco. Not the menthol old port, I find that an irritant.
                  The other thing I have figured is there is an optimum steep time, what’s good at three days isn’t good at three weeks, it’s a monumental learning curve!
                  PG doesn’t freeze solid either so, when finance permits, I’m going to get some of that too, maybe 1000ml. I don’t think in the foreseeable there will be an issue with flavours or PG/VG just the concentrates. They’re going to be all over them I think.

                  Contrary to your assertions on nicotine, different folks different effects, I don’t do this because I want to I do it because I have to, I am addicted to nicotine. It isn’t a hobby it’s a necessity. I have never smoked because I like it, I like the effect but not the act.


                  • Nicotine isn’t particularly addictive. For SMOKERS it’s all the other chemicals – or one of them – unknown at this time. Nicotine is beneficial in umpteen ways – and maybe it’s one of those ways that you find essential to have.

                    I used to do concentrates – mine are here from 2012! But I actually buy flavours I like and I dilute in my tank.

                    From April, there will be legislation on tanks,(possibly un-refillable) size of bottles of e liquid 10ml and max 20mg nicotine. It’s unknown territory – but Britain is going to “comply” evidently.


            • I wonder if they would trigger a light (as you have on garden paths?


  2. I need a bigger freezer, I’ve spent an ill afforded fortune on these products. That said in culmination less than would have been spent on tobacco. What I have gleaned from research is with its’ bacteriostatic properties of PG that may be, for long term storage, the way to go.
    My storage regime would be the concentrate not any resulting mix. Being optimistic at 1250ml I have four years, I’m looking for ten.


  3. Just as an aside, throat hit roughly translates as irritant or potential to irritate if it goes unnoticeable it isn’t an irritant, as a formerly and formally diagnosed terminal throat cancer sufferer I don’t want an irritant I want a pleasant, flavourful and non irritating delivery of what I require, nicotine. Very high VG, for me, does the job.


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