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Stirring shit – old methods remembered

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There are things that are putting me off world affairs. There are old methods turning up in the Paris attack that have been used before to “turn the tide” of public opinion. 

Old methods – sink a ship – fly planes into a building

Old method – cut communication – scramble the phones

Old method – find identification of the perpetrator – a passport in the rubble of an otherwise vapourised area

Old method – get good video, but never actually catch the perpetrators

Old method – respond politically to the crisis so you can achieve your objectives

In Paris – Friday 13th November – new “facts”

Not one, but two passports are found. Guns found. Car found.

Communications ruptured in “cyber attack” so police are slow to respond.

No survivors of any perpetrators. But excellent “tide turning”  event for public opinion.

Politically, close borders, generate Western allies and change history in the Middle East.

Benefits who?

Big question for me is how does Daesh benefit?

Are they are wanting to accelerate their “end time” in the Caliphate, when it is prophesied everyone will be destroyed by the West and the Saviour will return?

Or is there something funny about Daesh altogether?

Who benefits from Daesh?

Mmm…time will reveal…Cartoon: hourglass  and a question mark (medium) by Seydi Ahmet BAYRAKTAR tagged hourglass,and,question,mark



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One thought on “Stirring shit – old methods remembered

  1. Go out and hug a Muslim today. I ain’t much into hugging strangers but now is the time to do it.


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