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Had enough now


We have had days and days of evil weather! In the Furlong house we have cabin fever. The Furlong dog hates the rain – yet he turns into an otter near a river or lake. 

We haven’t had a walk since last week. Exercise, for us, has been going up and down the stairs with the Furlong dog on a lead, or lobbing balls for him to retrieve in the hall.

Today we put on our oil skins and went out in the car. We took the dog on a tidgy walk up in the deserted village – I mean the town. There were few other people there. They were at home in their cosy houses and the shopkeepers were checking their watches for going home time.

You know the Furlong dog hates the rain by watching  how he runs. Tail dragging, legs shortened and head down.  He got wet. Of the three of us, he got to the front door first when we arrived home and unpacked ourselves from the car.

He loved getting home.

And so did we.

It is predicted on the telly that tomorrow the weather is going to be the same as today, and all the days preceding,

Oh dear – cabin fever again.




Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

9 thoughts on “Had enough now

  1. Oil skins, nearly fell off my chair. Haven’t heard that term for many years. Have you got a pacamac in your handbag.

    The flyinthesky dog just looks out and looks back at us if we suggest she goes out, get real! and returns to repose.

    Nice picture, you could wrap an Enid Blyton chapter around that.


  2. Just ordered 1 litre of 72, by my guestimation that’s five or six years worth. That said there seems to be some family interest in my mixes so I may need more. Oh to have got into this five years ago. 20/20 hindsight seems to follow me around. I have five cartys in the ultrasonic cleaner ready for the next trials. I read somewhere that the recommendation with fruity and foody flavours is to leave them uncapped for a few days, a lot of these are alcohol or solvent extracted leaving them uncapped allows the solvents to evaporate.


  3. My wife thinks I’m bonkers……………she may well be right.


  4. My next game is flavour extraction, I’m going to pressure cook some golden Virginia in alcohol and PG and VG to extract the flavour, I really am bonkers aren’t I. I’ll let you know…….if it doesn’t kill me.


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