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Nocebo No Smoking


I believe ideas implanted into our minds can be very dangerous. All we see in the media are articles about the ill, illness and the efforts we undertake to “cure” illness. We are steeped in illness. 

The most immoral use of fear brainwashing was that purposely used by the Anti Tobacco industry and its sidekick, the Drug Industry, to terrify people about smoking, smokers and Second Hand Smoke. They have messed with people’s minds.

I, personally, have a hard time believing anything the Anti Tobacco Industry says, because they have manufactured deaths, and SHS dangers.

They have used nocebo to the detriment of people’s health. Having hammered on about nocebo in Anti Smoking Advertising for many years, and also complaining to the Advertising Board, I was interested to see this article summarised below.

I found these stats from Denmark,  and I know hospital admissions have increased in the UK – maybe for the same reasons.   It is translated…
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Five years of health campaigns, smoking bans, health charges and political patronage lifestyle has not led to more health in Denmark. On the contrary, the Danes have become much more ill.

State many paternalistic approach to change in the Danish “unhealthy lifestyle” is scheduled to have reduced disease and curbed the unbridled hospital expenses. The result is preliminarily said to be a genuine failure. A failure that should give all Danish health politicians red ears:

Since politicians with smoking law in 2007 began to stick his nose in the Danish lifestyle, the number of hospital admissions exploded. It shows the raw figures from Statistics Denmark:

In 2012 reached up to a staggering 1.33 million annual hospital admissions – it was 150,000 more compared to 2006, or 13% more. This is double the rate of increase compared to the corresponding period before the smoking law.

Paradox: non-smoking room led to more smoking-related diseases

Ironically, the number of hospitalizations due to so-called “smoking-related” diseases increased much more than the average of disease hospitalizations. Prior to the smoking law claimed all health experts otherwise, to the smoke-free spaces would reduce these diseases. It was an “evidence-based” truth, it was said.

Today, it is recognized that the opposite has happened, “smoking-related” disease hospitalization rose 20% in the period after smoking law, while the average of diseases “only” grew 13%.

There have also been large increases in the number of hospitalizations due to joint and bone fractures, especially in women – this is because according to many practitioners overloads by excessive exercise cultivation, incited by various motion campaigns and the media council from health experts like. Bente Klarlund.

Furthermore, the number of cardiovascular diseases has been declining for many years, returned to an increase in the period 2006-2012.

The plan to reduce medical expenses by means of patronage has not worked as intended. The “healthy” Denmark is on the contrary been a regular disease factory.

The figures are a total failure of the idea that the state should interfere in people’s lifestyle to prevent disease.

Preventive make healthy people sick – and pharmaceutical companies happy

It goes without saying that “prevention is better than cure”, but obviously not when it comes to other people’s lifestyles, and certainly not when it is done by government intervention in people’s lives.

Many disease prevention projects also has the negative effect that they make healthy people sick . The reason is that health campaigns and disease prevention imbues many citizens fear of getting sick, which in itself leads to disease – through the so-called nocebo effect .



Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

7 thoughts on “Nocebo No Smoking

  1. Down to one a day!!

    It’s not just smoking though is it, care of what I can only describe as medical terrorism it’s access all areas.

    Over the past 50 years or so the doctor’s position has evolved from a dedicated usually vocationally motivated person and often accepted as a family ally offering to help, often out of seemingly altruistic intentions, they have passed through the status of demi god now occupying the position of de facto deity. The position of demi god now taken up by the practice nurse.

    It’s hierarchical and just as much as the church was in medieval times it’s an aggrandisement and empowerment exercise. It has become our new religious order. Nurse: verger. Doctor: vicar, Consultant: archbishop. All empowered and enriched by the same method, fear…… Trust in the Lord…………unless the doctor says otherwise. No I’m not religious. Spiritual maybe, religious not.

    We have been actively discouraged from taking decisions for ourselves, we can’t have people taking responsibility and making judgements for themselves now can we. “Every educated person is a future enemy”, Joseph Goebbels. He had the control mechanism sussed.

    My wife takes St Johns Wort as and when she feels the need. They have gone to the ends of the earth to demonise this unpatentable natural substance and they now have forced manufactures to standardising it rendering at the recommended dosage ineffective, job done , we can’t have people circumnavigating the doctor and big pharma now can we!!

    We live in a corporate inspired reality, this is ongoing and expanding and until society collapses completely nothing is going to change. Everyone must be monetised to the maximum extent.

    A few asides:

    You wouldn’t want to live in my head, troubled doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Malcolm doesn’t realise how much of an anomaly he is.

    You should have a contact button on your blog to express opinions to express thoughts not for publication.

    Non tobacco flavourings, I am the person, while the other people in the group are ordering banana splits and apple pie and cream, that will order curried eggs for desert. I don’t do fruity or sweet
    It may be deemed good for me, perish the thought!

    Sorry a bit dark, but hey that’s me.


    • There is something almost robotic about most doctors in the NHS. No eye contact with the patient, eyes glued to your files on the computer and a tick box of treatments to fill in for every condition. And the worst thing for me is the PAYMENT given to the doctor for compliance. Surely this is wrong?

      My sister saw a specialist on four occasions before a throat op which HE did. On her return visit/check up, he had his back to her as she entered looking at the computer. He swivelled round and said cheerfully, “Good afternoon Miss G, have you had your op yet?” She was absolutely floored and replied “Yes – and YOU did it!” He then consulted his computer again. “Oh so I did.” he said unfazed.

      Can you believe that?

      Thanks for your comment – The EU is an evil and deformed creation and their meddling in traditional healing and food supplements shows the depth of their wickedness.


      • Mine’s much worse than that, I went to see my GP after thirty years of no consultations, I’ve never liked doctors, a long story, He galnced at his screen and said ” you should be OK in a few weeks after your tonsil operation has healed, tonsils were mentioned in his notes. I said you had better read that again mate! The notes actually said, if he’d bothered to read them, oropharageal cancer at stage 4, prognosis, terminal.

        Over rated, over respected, over paid knob. There, said it.
        No faith whatsoever. I reiterate: Malcolm doesn’t realise what an anomoly he is. They’re, in the main, like faulty radios, only transmit seems to work nowadays. Most not fit for purpose.


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