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The difficulty of going cold turkey – smoking


There are so many anti smoking folks who sneer that people cannot seem to quit smoking. “Just stop!” they exclaim. “It’s killing you” they say. “It’s mind over matter”, “It’s self DISCIPLINE.” But for some people, quitting really IS hell.

We never see studies on those people. There are FIFTY FIVE! pages of quitters going through hell on this site who have become very ill from stopping smoking. Quitting, for some is truly torture. They think it is NICOTINE withdrawal, but of course it’s not. Nicotine is not the monster – it was demonised by the anti tobacco industry and became synonymous with smoking.

These people, in my opinion, have been propelled into terrible grief. They have lost a companion, a friend. The grief is unrequited. They are debilitated – completely.

Quitting is not a breeze. Everyone is different. A patch, some gum, a spray is not a solution – it’s only nicotine. Nicotine is not the problem.

“Hi, since I quitted smoking a year ago, I have only been feeling more and more sick. I don’t have enough energy for routine activities, feel exhausted, I gained weight and lost self-confidence. Why is this happening?”


“I quit smoking towards the end of Jan 2007. In March I had an general anxiety attack. I have been feeling depressed and lost self confidence all together since then. I am on 50 mg of Zoloft right now… ”


“It has been 16 weeks since I quit smoking. I smoked 1/2-1pack a day for 15 years. When I first quit I thought wow this is smooth sailing. About a week after quitting I developed chest pain,shortness of breath,chest palpitations. Thought I was having a heart attack.. tests came out fine.. Problem I think was hadn’t had anything to eat and had 3 cups of coffee. I never knew there was nicotine withdrawal symptoms. I was in bed for about 3 days just trying to get through it. Since then I have had 2 bad colds. Bronchitis. Lung pain. coughing up tons of mucus. I have been on two rounds of antibiotics.I was on inhaler for 2 weeks. Had a chest xray it was fine. I have been going out walking even though I feel bad. The lung pain is still there..feels like burning or itching in the lungs. The funny thing is it usually feels better after I’ve been walking awhile. I will feel good one day and think ok it is over…however for no reason my lungs will start to hurt and I will feel dizziness and almost like and adrenaline surge. it’s getting better…but I want to feel 100% anyone else go thru this???? I feel like I am losing my mind!!!”


Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

6 thoughts on “The difficulty of going cold turkey – smoking

  1. Wow, this just reminded me of a story my former boss told about his aunt. She lived to be 72 and was still smoking. Her doctor and loved ones were concerned about her decade-long habit. She finally quit and a year later she died.

    Two things I believe, the human body is amazing and can adapt to a person’s daily habits in order to survive. Second, everyone’s body is different. Some bodies adapt to smoking better than others and learn to coexist.

    Of course I’m not a doctor or anything like that, just sharing my thoughts on this awesome post. Well done!


  2. I once stopped smoking for six months. I never stopped thinking about it for the whole of that time. It was hell. But it is easier just to cut down, which I have done.


  3. Down to two yesterday and today. Got some 18mg to try, following Dr furlongs advice.

    I use my devices like I would smoke a cigarette after continuing my research online I notice a lot of people actually inhale through the device!!! releasing clouds of vapour and turning it into a competition sport. Can’t see me doing that. How do you do it?

    I have tried on a few occasions to quit and each time my wife, who has never smoked, asked me to restart. I’m horrible without nicotine, allegedly! I’m having no such negative effects while vaping.

    As an aside, smoking, in my opinion, affects different people different ways. I came to the conclusion that I was sub clinically allergic to nicotine, that’s why it has/has such a profound effect on me.

    An irritating thing is my brother in law could stop and start at will, smoked for years, just stopped, no effects at all! months later go out for a drink and smoke a packet or more. Stop again for weeks or months, most irritating. It’s people like this that just say stop!! M.I.L. just stopped, 40 a day for forty years, wore a patch for one day and then stopped.

    My corner of the living room is now getting to look like a vaping store with devices and liquids for trials.


    • Well, vaping is a HOBBY. Smoking is just something we did. We never shared how wonderful our Bensons and Hedges were or how pretty, or smart our cigarettes looked, did we? But vaping, if you get into it, is fascinating. The big clouds, are from “sub ohming”. People use very low resistance coils – that is allowing electricity from the battery to flow very quickly heating the special sub ohming coil hotter. They use Vegetable Glycerine which splits in the heat to great clouds of vapour. But there is hardly any nicotine in the mixture. They draw in through a wide nozzle drip tip direct into their lungs and not into their mouths first. It’s a COMPLETELY different thing that vapers do for fun. New vapers won’t find it satisfies their cigarette craving.

      I’m glad you are using a stronger nicotine mixture. Next you will tell me you are vaping flavours other than Tobacco?

      I inhale just like I used to with smoking – except while sub ohming.

      Remember – nicotine is a beneficial therapeutic thing. In smoking, it’s all the added crap and chemicals that keep us addicted…:-)

      Older people should keep up the nicotine as a protective agent against nasties that might approach…

      Thanks for nice comment.


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