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Dribble trouble – a laugh a leak


The Furlongs have several hot water bottles. I have looked with suspicion at the one I use most because it is ageing and we know what happens in the middle of a winter night when your hottie pops in bed – well I know, because once it happened to me. 

So last night, I took a newer hottie bottle out of a cupboard where it is stored – it’s the one I give to guests usually, but I did notice it had seemed to have changed colour. It was late, my mind was full of things other than the simple task of filling a hottie, which – fortunately – I do at the bathroom basin. The water is really HOT. I count slowly, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. And then I know the hottie is perfectly filled.

I counted. But the bottle was not full. I tried again, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.The bottle was not full. I looked inside – no – no water. Scientifical thought would have alerted me that something was amiss. But I did try again – TWICE actually, to my shame. And anyway who has scientific thought at eleven thirty at night?

I then examined the bottle – frontSouth Lakeland-20151010-01275

I examined the other side – backSouth Lakeland-20151010-01277

I stopped my pointless filling and went to bed.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “Dribble trouble – a laugh a leak

  1. I’m going to try a pet bottle in a pillow case later. Coke, lemonade etc. You could change every couple of weeks or so but they don’t degrade like rubber.

    Meanwhile off topic, it’s cold here on my return. I’ve persevered with the vaping and am now down to 5 a day from 30. Vaping doesn’t seem to do the trick and is a bit harsh in the mornings.

    How goes the lightning after effects.


    • What device are you using? What strength nicotine? Are you using tanks or cartomisers? All these things are tremendously important to your success. By success, I don’t mean having given up smoking, Success means getting an even greater pleasure from vaping!

      I have recovered from my lightning shock. Memory still seems OK.Very strange in general…I wonder if science could use an up the legs ground pulse to improve other people’s memories. Might not last…


      • WTF! pardon the French. I’m not au fait with all these terms yet.
        Tank, cartomiser ???

        I have two options standard battery, press and go and kanga t3d top and I bought a joyetech eVIC-ETC mini with an eGo ONE mega tank. The ETC mini is adjustable for most parameters. The best combination so far is the mini with the kanga t3d top. The least I have smoked for forty years or more. I’m optimistic to say the least.

        I’m on tobacco flavour at 12mg. I tried a few in Spain, some very strange ideas on what tobacco flavour should be like there, one tasted like popcorn, disgusting.

        I’m sure the reboot will last, like it or not.


        • That was a very clear description! Dr Furlong (a seasoned vaper and expert!) has found the problem! Your nicotine level is too low. A Smoker of so long, should start on 24 mg nic or 18 mg nic. Tobacco flavour is not “the same” as tobacco taste. I didn’t like it. I plunged into flavours. I’m not sure if you have a vapeshop near you, but even if you don’t, Morrisons, Asda and the Co-op sell excellent e liquid made by Blu. Not expensive. here’s a link – but its CHEAPER at the big supermarkets – and the Co-op in particular. Link –

          You need to be careful what e liquid you buy – it needs to be properly made in White Rooms which Blu (being a tobacco company does). The e liquid makes the joy of vaping! Blu’s Vanilla is to die for! But they have Cherry, Blueberry, too as well as good tobacco flavours. They have two with mint added, which spoils them for me personally. But smokers often go for menthol. Aaaaargh 😦

          But if you are near a vape shop of good reputation they will have good e liquid too. Try to buy “made in the UK” as we have manufacturing standards not present in some other countries.

          All Blu’s stuff is 18 mg nic

          Vaping is not smoking – it’s a whole new hobby of TASTE AND PALATE. It’s a complete way of life, the pleasure of which will keep us delighted.

          Your devices are fine – just up your nicotine. Nicotine is good for you. It is NOT the bad part of smoking – and not particularly addictive.

          I vape 18 mg nic. Favourite flavour (still) is coffee flavours and vanilla, and “puddingy” flavours. Other people like fruits. Be bold – dump the tobacco and up the nicotine!

          Keep in touch on the vaping issue. It’s my very FAVOURITE thing!

          Hope my reboot will last too. 😀


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