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Bullshit baffles brains


I saw a comment on a blog relating to the recent shootings in America. Many of the young people who use gun-rage are on psychiatric drugs which we know already, can transform them to become violent.

And there was a reply to say depression was on the rise and they thought it was the result of low fat in the diet and the low fat advices to the population by Governments.

So, having already read and seen on the BBC that people on low fat and no fat diets developed depression, I consulted the Internet to find the information  as I remembered it.

I found this

Fatty Foods May Cause Mental Illness & Depression

The health risks of a high-fat diet are not unknown. Previous studies have shown that it is linked to various lifestyle diseases like obesity, high-blood pressure and diabetes. But these aren’t the only effects of eating too many fatty foods. A new study, published in the Journal Biological Psychiatry, adds to the growing concern.

Researchers at the Louisiana State University have found that a high-fat diet can alter behaviour and produce signs of brain inflammation. Further, it may also increase the risk for depression and other psychiatric disorders.

So, this research is an example of dreadful science and dreadful reporting. Eating fatty foods is not the same as eating fat. So what is it – fatty foods like the ones in the picture, full of manufactured oils and trans fats AND CARBOHYDRATES, or eating natural fat? What were they actually studying? Did they see the difference?

But had they found that high carbohydrate, trans fat, commercially prepared food – especially in the West caused depression, they are probably right – but not for the reason of “fat”. Who could not end up depressed eating this stuff –Fatty Foods May Cause Mental Illness & Depression

Confusing science. Confused scientists.

No wonder people don’t believe anything any more.



Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

4 thoughts on “Bullshit baffles brains

  1. Tis unlicensed use of Guns. Although tougher Gun Laws won’t stop people from acquiring them.
    Diet? I’m really not sure. But if diet is the cause then there should be a far greater incidence than there actually is.


    • What about psychiatric drugs? Canadians have as many guns – so do South Africans…but they have the highest crime in the world anyway – but not “mass” shootings in schools/colleges…just thinking.


      • Sorry, I don’t know much about psychiatric drugs. My Mother in Law, God rest her soul, freaked out when I was having post natal problems with my third child and a husband away at sea, and took some pills for a couple of days. She told me to pull myself together and get on with it in a most unkind way, while offering no help whatsoever. But I can’t say that she was wrong. Although I probably never quite recovered. Whether or not from her unkindness is debatable.
        I just eat a lot of black grapes these days when Full Moon is coming up.

        Depression, no matter how brief, is a terrible thing. Some of us learn to deal with it, and some of us never try. But I do thank her for her timely intervention.

        Sorry. That was a bit close to the bone.


        • We are of the generation that didn’t rely on drugs for life’s knocks. Even psychiatrists and psychologists were a rare thing – especially if you lived in other countries and were poor. Usually the families rallied round to support you. Or you read books! I had Post Natal depression after my third child – very bad. I was put on Valium I think by the family doc. And a book by Dr Claire Weekes called Agoraphobia was my greatest help with my Panic and Anxiety attacks.


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