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What really matters at the end of life


What really matters at the end of life is important when you are approaching it. Mr Furlong and I would like a nice end of life. Everyone deserves something good. I was very touched by this video. I hope you enjoy it at much as I did.


Author: thelastfurlong

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

6 thoughts on “What really matters at the end of life

  1. What an emotive subject but as in most other areas it has evolved into a process that requires highly technical, authortative and well remunerated oversight. The clinging, not today, maybe tomorrow. The Liverpool pathway, who thought that was a good idea! The option should be given, if it’s decided prudent for a patient to be put on it, why not offer a now solution.

    We are now in the parlous situation, depending on your religious perspective, In god we trust………unless the doctor says otherwise. Even at this late and terminal stage in life we give empowerment to others. We hang on every word they say even whilst knowing they can do nothing about it. So long as they maintain the mystery and the fear they remain in charge. At a certain stage it should become the patients or their loved ones charge not theirs.

    The best, sadly, one can hope for is a massive stroke or heart attack, anything else is taken over by those who, think they, know best.

    From my previous posts you will be aware that I have been on nodding terms with the reaper, my response was to face it with humour much to the consternation and derision of my consultants.
    Get over yourselves boys and girls, it worked for me. I refused to empower them, they didn’t like it, at all. “You didn’t expect to see me this week did you?” I got to enjoy making them squirm.

    In a lot, an awful lot, of cases it isn’t cancer that kills you it’s the inspired fear of having it.
    That leads us to health screening, a story for another day. Those who are in continual, inspired, fear of dying forget how to live…………..and that’s how they want it.


    • N.B. my joy in life apart from my wife is a stupidly powerful motorcycle, I couldn’t push it a yard but when I ride it I’m eighteen again. Hyacinths for the soul anyone.


    • Wonderful, thoughtful comment – thank you. Strange to think in our “enlightened” time, we can post obituaries describing the deaths of 85 year olds, or 94 year olds as “tragic” – “The tragic death of Jane Doe after a long battle with cancer. Jane was 89.” My father-in-law died of lung cancer. He only knew he had it when he went into hospital where he pinched nurses bottoms, flirted with all the women there, and enjoyed the jelly and custard he was served at meals. He was there almost a week. And then he died. There was no “battle” with cancer. He managed this by never going to a doctor. He had a boozing partner who was a doctor. But they just drank together. Thank you for following my posts.


  2. “Thank you for following my posts.” No need to thank me, I just love “real” people. There are too many people who believe things as opposed to evaluating them. Our trusting of the untrustworthy is leading to our demise. Trust no-one evaluate everything, not an easy path but unfortunately mine. Thank you for your insights.


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