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Power dressing is unsettling – uniforms and robes


There is something about wearing special clothes, robes, group uniforms -power dressing really, that unsettles me. It’s a way of controlling the observer. I don’t like that. 

Those of us who are motivated to control me, by the way they dress, expose their own weaknesses.  Their clothes are a manipulate tool as if, by themselves, un robed, un dressed, they are  less in some way.  I, along with millions of others find he Niqab especially disturbing, Related image

But those robes are not the only disturbing outfits.

Hari Krishna robes are others 

Not to mention the Catholics Image result for catholic priests

And the Law Image result for english lords

Academia Image result for graduation uniforms

The services Image result for graduation uniforms

Part of the disturbing aspect of power dressing, is that those doing it, have been mass-produced.

And that’s the most disturbing thought of all.


Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

6 thoughts on “Power dressing is unsettling – uniforms and robes

  1. The thing I don’t like about the niqab is in the countries these people hail from the niqab has been largely abandoned. All these outfits are worn to make a statement from inferred power to beware.

    Me, I just wear what my wife tells me to.


  2. I was a Wren Air Mechanic. And extraordinarily proud of my uniform.


      • No worries. I don’t suppose you meant to insult me or my uniform. But we weren’t a mindless hoard. Just patriotic people who were doing our best for our country, and with some pride.

        I have entirely different opinions on The Niqab, but that isn’t a uniform. Although I don’t actually know what it is, or why they wear it. Unless to subjugate women.
        I would ban it in Britain as they have done in France. Or perhaps I wouldn’t. But I would freak out if any woman was wearing one in my village. And put them all on Vitamin D tablets to guard against Rickets.

        Judges? I love the pomp and circumstance, and I expect that they are proud of their uniforms as well. Such very clever people.
        And I nearly died of pride to see my son in a University Gown when he collected his oh so hard earned degree.
        The Church? I like that too. But then I never did go for all the happy clappy lark. No, I am not a great believer, but it is such centuries old, and gives a sense of continuity, especially here in France where religion is so much more of a community thing. And almost entirely Catholic.

        So, you see, I am a traditionalist. And I think that Uniforms have to be seen in context to the person who is wearing it.

        Actually this reply might have made a good Blog, but I don’t mind you having it.


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