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Smoking – why do I think this is evil?


I believe that smokers have been treated absolutely disgustingly. The science on Second Hand Smoke, has been perverted to make society feel smokers are the enemy to their health. Science has not yet found that SHS causes lung cancer. The millions of healthy smokers with healthy children give lie to the fear mongering.  And the statistics offered to us by WHO are suspect science.

Smokers are, in the West, treated with no consideration and no compassion. We live in a socially engineered society – engineered by the industry of prohibition – an ideology. An ideology that has proved to be unbelievably profitable for the Anti Smoking Industry.  I find that evil.

The ideology 

Here is the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION Roadmap of actions to strengthen implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in the European Region 2015–2025: making tobacco a thing of the past

“This roadmap envisions a WHO European Region that is free of tobacco-related morbidity, mortality and addiction – in short, a Region where tobacco is a thing of the past. 2. We know how to achieve it. The means are described in the WHO Framework”

Focus area 3 – Reshaping social norms

53. Tobacco use is not standard and most people do not smoke. Changing the perception of the norm in a community, or reshaping the social norms, can influence current and potential tobacco users by creating a setting in which tobacco becomes less desirable, less acceptable and less accessible (20).

Providing enabling environments can protect against exposure to tobacco smoke, promote tobacco-free lifestyles, help tobacco users to quit and prevent other people from starting to use tobacco. For example, people with a high level of health literacy are more likely to quit, even when influenced by a socioeconomic group.

The implementation of strong tobacco control measures influences public opinion, thereby contributing to changes in social norms. Such a comprehensive approach involves members of the public (non-smokers and smokers) and the media (21).

Scotland, United Kingdom, has the goal of creating a generation of young people who do not want to smoke through smoking “denormalization” measures aimed at children, such as smoke-free laws in places where children gather, peer-based prevention programmes for adolescents, targeting parents for cessation and encouraging families to have smoke-free homes. 54.

Health professionals are key for reshaping social norms. They are drivers of behavioural change, serving as role models in society and pioneering progress in tobacco control, often based on organized health professionals advancing policy agenda. 55.

A key element of reshaping social norms is to protect public health from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry. In fully complying with the WHO FCTC, countries should, more than ever, make full use of Article 5.3 (1) and its Guidelines to protect public health policies from such interests of the tobacco industry.

And, may I add, absolutely no input of any kind from the people all these things affect – smokers.


Author: Liz

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

6 thoughts on “Smoking – why do I think this is evil?

  1. It’s depressing that the remaining 12 million !!! smokers have allowed themselves to be walked all over. There’s never any common sense or tolerance used by these insidious do gooders.

    I’m 63 now and I have smoked since I was eleven, my body has no concept of an existence without nicotine. Unfortunately I can not get on with vaping, I have tried many varieties and they all give me throat spasms and coughing fits. It’s not that I have a sensitive throat, I’ve smoked roll ups for forty years and wouldn’t thank you for a “real” cigarette.

    Considering the real problem in the world, population, and the insistence that you shorten your life by ten or so years you’d think they would actively encourage it!

    Where would the government get the shortfall of 8 billion pounds, the net contribution smokers make via taxes? Where would it get the money to fund 12 million peoples pensions who now lived ten years longer?

    Successive administrations have poked more fingers into more pies on the premise that “we know best”, why do they do it, because they can, how is it facilitated, because we let them.
    Do they know best, not very often.

    Democracy eh, there’s an idea.


    • Absolutely. About vaping – some people can’t handle e liquid with vegetable glycerin (VG) and some people can’t take Propylene Glycol (PG). But it is perfectly fine to vape only one or the other. VG gives more vapour and PG gives more flavour and most e liquids have both. To test your problem, just buy some VG from your chemist. try vaping that pure with no nicotine or flavour.

      I must say, I don’t smoke. I love vaping. But in the beginning it made me cough, especially the first week. When I changed to rolling my own many years ago, I coughed for a while too. And then I smoked natural tobacco, and I really coughed the first week – but I loved that natural tobacco.

      I loved smoking – one of the best pleasures of my life. I am turning 71 next week. And I have none of the health terrors that smoking is predicted to give us. But the dangers of SHS have been VASTLY exaggerated, even in the workplace and homes. But in the outdoors, that’s absolutely a scientific no-brainer. The only reason for banning smoking in the outdoors is the ideology outlined in my post.

      There should be smoking rooms indoors for smokers.

      The only reason I switched to vaping was that preferred the experience to smoking. Otherwise, I’d still be smoking.


  2. I’d love to be able to get my nicotine with no hit whatsoever, I’m not,,I don’t think, addicted to smoking, just nicotine. I’ve tried gum and patches etc to no avail, no nicotine sensation at all to me. I think they rely on the placebo factor. You’re getting it, but you’re not!

    Understandably vapour liquid manufacturers are obsessed with the hit as it’s the hit that moves people away from smoking and onto their products. Nobody seems to manufacture a liquid without an irritant carrier.

    I’ve had two goes at cancer one throat and one skin (BCC) the latter of which I disposed of myself, a tumour the size of half a tennis ball. The former diagnosed at stage four, death imminent, I was assured! Absolutely ruined me financially. That was 7 years ago, so you can see I’ve had prime motivation to give up smoking, to no avail.

    I am now in my sixth year of not having a GP and as such I wouldn’t thank you for one. With the exception of a few, Malcolm et al, they don’t extend your life they ruin it.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m odder than most peoples odd bits.


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