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Smoking doesn’t cause cancer

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Like many other “aware” people I have known for a long time, that the idea that Second Hand Smoke (SHS) being dangerous was used as a weapon to turn society against smokers. It still has not been proven that SHS causes anything. In fact, the first World Health Organisation investigation that was hidden away because the results were not acceptable, showed  that SHS  protected children from Asthma – the very opposite of what is told us today. 

So something smells – somewhere.

Although I’m not a smoker, I’m a vaper, I like to support smokers as they are bludgeoned into the ground by legislation and lies. After all vapers are included in the bans.

So I was very interested to see this video – I want to watch more from Gershom Zajicek M.D,, even though they might be a bit dry, he puts forward a different idea.


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