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The Tobacco Control Protection Racket


Thoroughly entertaining post!

Bolton Smokers Club

I have had a very quite day today. I decided yesterday that it should be so. Just a few chores and then nothing more except resting and reading. Well, apart from separating a pile of yellowed baccy plant leaves, attaching them to hooks made from paper-clips and putting them into the curing box to dry at a cozy 41ºC. Oh, and spreading bonemeal around the base of my plants and watering it in.

During my reading, I came across an amusing idea – protection money. I can’t remember the context really, but it led me to think.

Here is a little story that I have made up:

A chap buys a pub. He invests a little money, not too much, to tart the place up. His trade is not great, but enough to get by. After a couple of months, a quite well-dressed ‘gent’ comes in accompanied by two very…

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Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

17 thoughts on “The Tobacco Control Protection Racket

  1. Good one. I doubt I will ever give up smoking now. Because I don’t want to.


  2. I read the entire text, very illuminating!

    Cancer isn’t “a” disease per se. It’s a blanket description of a lot of ailments that are difficult for them to define, identify a specific cause and that can be difficult to treat.
    There is no power to be gained by declaring a possibility of what causes it, the power, influence and remuneration comes from the declaration of knowing, they don’t!

    Similarly “the earlier you catch it the more likely the cure” This is only true with rapidly metastasizing varieties. The reason some are and some not isn’t understood either.

    If you get cancer and you are still alive five years forward you are deemed as cured and become statistically insignificant, If you are diagnosed early the odds are you are going to live five years plus are greatly enhanced, even if not treated at all. A lot aren’t going to live any longer but it makes for good statistics.
    Early diagnosis makes us, the experts, look good, conversely late diagnosis has a much shorter lifespan prognosis and makes us look bad.

    Another thing to be borne in mind is in some people, care of inspired fear, the fact that you have told them they have cancer will kill them. They give up and die.

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, certain near imminent demise, I even had a secured hospice place, that focusses your attention.

    When I asked what my treatment plan was, after they had finished arguing amongst themselves they declared ” we’re going to throw the kitchen sink at you and see what happens”. How scientific! Knowing, I don’t think so. I’m still here 8 years on.

    Worrying about and investigating what you may have or get won’t increase your lifespan, it may indeed shorten it.


    • Very interesting comment. Thank you. What did the kitchen sink consist of?


      • Near lethal doses of chemo and radio, my head looked like I’d survived a firebomb.
        It has left me with a few disabilities. Hey ho, I’m still here!

        There were mutterings about a surgical intervention, considering the diseased area was not clearly defined I told them what they could do with their sharp tools, they were not pleased. I feel sure if I had accepted the surgery I wouldn’t be here.
        They’re like faulty radios only transmit seems to work. the receiver only works if you agree with them.


        • So did the kitchen sink “work ” or do you think it was something in YOU – your determined spirit?


          • A combination I would think, it takes a lot of determination to eat while feeling sick and in agony, most give up.

            It’s still not satisfactory though, as an analogy it’s like burning the house down to cure a bit of dry rot in the front door, you’re left with a shell.

            There are a lot of alternative treatments to look at but as none of them are patentable, natural ingredients etc, they are decried and discredited in short order. Patented cancer treatments are horrendously expensive so we’re back in the scenario where big pharma keeps itself in the game.

            In short it’s money that’s stopping any progress being made with treatments.


            • Mmm – interesting comment.


              • A better illustration of my last sentence, It isn’t lack of money that stops progress, it’s too much, via the continuance of the status quo, that’s the problem.

                The bottom line is care of the death of democracy, anyone who thinks we live in one is deluding themselves, we have allowed, from doctors to the dustbin man, to evolve into authorities.

                Oops sorry, I meant recycling coordinator.

                It’s all gone horribly wrong hasn’t it.

                N.B. a better description of fear porn is medical terrorism.


                • Sorry doesn’t make sense, we have allowed what were once services to morph into authorities.

                  I realise that the majority would view me as a deranged loon, but am I.
                  We’re sleepwalking into totalitarianism. I’m glad I’m old and won’t have to witness it.


                  • Oh – I’m so curious as to how we are going to rescue ourselves, I am planning another life – re-incarnating to watch the fun. You have to admit we live in interesting times! We have a duty to protest it all in every small or large way we can.


                • Yes – horribly wrong – but people seem to accept it as “normal” – strange. They have forgotten rebellion.


    • It is always a good idea to refuse to have Cancer in the first place. Or even to pretend you haven’t got it. And if I ever get it, which I won’t because I refuse to have it, then I will fade away gracefully without any of that chemotherapy shite, which is guaranteed to make me feel even more ill than The Cancer.
      Good en ya for sticking in there. Eight years is a long time, but better than nothing at all.

      Actually, I don’t really know, because I don’t understand it. But brave of you. Live long and prosper.

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