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Re-blog from Head Rambles “Red Faces”


Here’s a post that hits the nail on the head as far as the Public Health vaping announcements today might mean…as a vaper – my suspicions are aroused as to the motive. Here is one idea….

Red Faces

Posted on August 19, 2015 by

I have always been a believer in logic with a healthy portion of intuition.

I see these studies cropping up in the meeja and there are times when their findings defy all logic and intuitively I know they are wrong.

Take for example the “studies” which have been flowing out for the last year or so on the topic of e-cigarettes.  Study after study stated that they were “dangerous”, “full of carcinogens” and in some cases were ten times more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes.  We were told that kids were using them and then going on to smoke fags. We were told that they were ineffective for quitting smoking and that the only true path to salvation was through Big Pharma.

Logic and intuition told me that all of this was a steaming pile of bullshit.

Now the Department of Public Health in the UK has come up with the results of their own study.  They have basically spent a fortune discovering what any reasonably intelligent person knew all along.

E-cigarettes are at least 95% “safer” than ordinary cigarettes.

Kids don’t use them as a “gateway” to ordinary smoking.

They have discovered to their horror though that 22% of the population think that electrofags are more dangerous than smoking!  Now how could this possibly be?  How can something harmless be perceived to be so dangerous?  Could it possibly be that that 22% believed all the lies and propaganda that Public Health has been screaming for the last year or so?

I [and many others] have been saying for years that the Tobacco Control Industry has been pumping out lies, obfuscation and propaganda to suit its own ends without regard for the truth or indeed people’s health.  It is a juggernaut that has destroyed so many businesses and in many cases ruined people’s social lives.  It has caused divisions in society and has attempted to stigmatise a fair portion of the public.

My bet is that suddenly we will hear no more “studies” into the harm of e-cigarettes.  All the previous ones will be quietly forgotten.  There will be a lot of backtracking and a lot of “I never said that” or “That’s not what I really meant”.

They were given the rope and they hung themselves.

But why the big turnaround?

Could it be that they realised that their claims sounded foolish in the face of millions of anecdotal stories?  Could it be that they realised that logic and intuition were stacked against their lies “theories”?

Or could it be that they just want e-cigarettes on their side so they can claim the credit for the reductions in smoking?


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4 thoughts on “Re-blog from Head Rambles “Red Faces”

  1. They are probably otherwise engaged in setting up a company to make E-Cigarettes now they have realised that E-Cigarettes have caught on.


  2. It’s a great idea………………so long as it’s theirs .
    We can’t have the health care professionals and the big pharma companies out of the frame now can we.


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