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How long is a dog’s memory

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If you follow the Furlong blog you will know we have trouble with our dog and his water-mania. Some years ago, we used to take him swimming at a nearby lake.  He had to have extra harnesses to stop him slipping the lead and disappearing into the great watery yonder. 

We stopped taking him there because he simply went mental, which is not conducive to a happy time. Also, the lake has a habit of regularly hosting blue algae in the Summer which  is fatal to dogs and dangerous to humans. So we stopped going there.

Today, I had the wild idea to try our now “water-trained” pooch at the old stomping ground. I thought after all those years, he’d have forgotten all about it.

That was an error. Dogs must be much cleverer than we think and they must have really long memories. Most dog sites on the Internet tell me that dogs haven’t got very good memories – well that’s trash.

As soon as we turned into the tiny lane that leads to the lake, he started  “husk husk husking” with anticipation. In the parking area, he shot down on the lake path, so that my arm was half ripped out of the socket, and leapt over the style that we used to use, where he almost hung himself in his desperation to get to the water. We were slightly delayed reading the warnings that the lake was once again infected with blue algae on notices at every gate.

But he knew – he remembered – after years!

My idea was to treat the Furlong dog to his favourite munchies if he didn’t go into the water. Well, the only reason he didn’t was that Mr Furlong kept him on an extremely short lead, and had to retrieve him at the water’s edge by picking him up and carrying him back to the car.

We won’t be going back again. Lesson learned by the humans but not for the dog.



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