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Get rid of the charity industry

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Since I became aware of how charities have changed from what they were a hundred years ago, I have disliked them more and more. Charities nowadays are just businesses offering high pay to the upper echelons in them and salaried work for the workers. Some of the CEO’s get more than the Prime Minister. They are corrupt, horrible things. 

Many charities apply for, and get, Government funding. Our taxes support them!  My illumination came when reading  Sock Puppets: How the government lobbies itself and why

I immediately stopped giving to charities. This new Kids Company fiasco should make it clear that Kids Company is exactly that – a Company, and not a charity. A week before it closed it gobbled up three million, I repeat, three million, of our taxes.  Camila Batmansomething has carved our a very good job for herself so she must be very upset for losing it.

Charities should be places where all the workers are volunteers. That would close a ton of them instantly.

But this petition appeals to me – no charity should get government funding. That should sort out a lot.

Here’s the petition (brand new) that could do with a few more signatures if you want to sign it –

End government funding for all charities.


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