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New Brunswick bans dog-walking to protect those with allergies

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I really enjoy a site called The Manatee, that reports on the goings on in New Brunswick, Canada. It is satire. All the reports stem from real news and then are turned into gobbledegook. The thing I like best, are the offended comments that come in after every post. This is the one that tickled me today..

The Manatee

New Brunswick — The Gallant government is making a motion to protect the innocent citizens of New Brunswick from the potential health hazards that can be passed on second-hand by the disgusting habits of uncaring pet owners.

Health Minister Victor Boudreau has introduced a bill that will ban dog-walking in any public place where people with allergies might be exposed to the potentially deadly allergens. The location list includes:

  • On patios and similar outdoor facilities, and within 3 metres of these patios;
  • Within 9 metres of doorways, windows and air intakes of enclosed places and indoor workplaces;
  • On or within 20 metres of playgrounds, sports areas and other outdoor public places used by people;
  • On or within 9 metres of a public walking or jogging trail;
  • Within provincial parks, except in rented campsites, on golf courses and designated areas within the park;
  • Wherever anyone who has an allergy might be…

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