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Drunk as a skunk


In amongst all the depressing news about “swarms” (and yes, swarm can apply to people  – it’s mugs that think it only describes insects) of migrants trying to get into the UK, and the Labour Party in crisis – (who cares?), I found a fun bit of news from Poland. Well – it was fun to read it. No doubt the badger has other ideas.

Drunk badger steals seven beers, passes out for two days

A FEMALE BADGER was recovering at a Polish animal shelter today, two days after the party animal was found passed out on a beach from having too much to drink.

“Oh, youth. Oh, summer holidays,” animal shelter Dzika Ostoja joked earlier in a Facebook post detailing Wandzia the badger’s plight in the Baltic seaside resort town of Rewal.

“We found Wandzia drunk, surrounded by seven (empty beer) bottles. There were two more in the bushes, so it’s possible Wandzia began partying there. Haha,” reads the post.

The badger is believed to have stolen the booze from fellow beachgoers, before removing the beer caps with her teeth.

The black-and-white omnivore was unconscious for two days straight, shelter head Marzena Bialowolska told AFP, adding that the badger had partially recovered but was still unable to sit up.

“She’s been sleeping, drinking (water) and eating chick meat,” Bialowolska said. If all goes well, Wandzia will be released back into the wild by the end of the week.




Author: Elizabeth

I'm someone also pounding the Path, just like you.. I'm retired, going into Old Age and loving my life. I'm hoping to remain happy and well for as long as possible. Old Age is not SO bad - yet!

3 thoughts on “Drunk as a skunk

  1. I’ve not had a dog yet that wouldn’t get it’s nose into my glass of wine if it could. One of them would jump on a chair and then onto the table to get at it. So he knew what it looked like.

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  2. I had a German Shepherd years ago that loved Guiness. She’d happily put away half a pint at a time.
    She died just short of her 14th birthday and up to a couple of weeks before she died She’d still beat us to the top of the house. We had a three storey hotel at the time.


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