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Autism question STILL not answered

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As far as I know, all the Furlong grandchildren have had single vaccinations for Measles, another for Mumps, and another for Rubella. The only reason parents have to pay for this themselves is that our National Health Service has decided it’s too expensive to offer single vaccinations and thrown caution to the wind. 

It seems to me, that the Wakefield MMR scare is STILL not over. Parents worldwide are complaining that jamming little kids with massive cocktails of vaccinations is too much for young immune systems. Yet medical science tells us it’s OK.

I am not anti vaccination. Mr Furlong and I, ourselves, as children of the fifties, carry SV40 in our bodies due to contaminated vaccines. and it would appear that SV40  continues on down the generations until it will become a human virus forever.

So vaccinations aren’t without faults. Medical Science seems to take a long time to “learn” anything. The Dogma is carried on through to the next generation of medics. Wakefield’s paper was dismissed. MMR vaccinations do not cause Autism we are told.

But people like me have an open mind. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. Anecdotal evidence makes me think that we haven’t got vaccinating children right yet.

In 2004, evidence emerged from tests done in the USA that was not what MMR deniers wanted. What happened to it? Well, it was destroyed (but not quite). This short film of Bill Posey Calling for an Investigation of the CDC’s MMR research fraud, gives a quick idea of the problem.



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